Promote Your Brand Organically On LinkedIn: A Guide

Updated: February 25th, 2024

What Is LinkedIn Organic Reach?


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Unlike sponsored posts, you do not pay anything to market organically

Organic reach is the number of people who have seen your LinkedIn post through unpaid distribution. LinkedIn organic reach enables you to grow your organic following and build brand credibility.

Moreover, focusing on organic reach gives you time to find out the type of content that resonates with your followers.

Therefore, the benefit of LinkedIn organic reach is that you do not pay for clicks.

LinkedIn Organic Reach Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn organic reach does not guarantee you overnight success
  • Generating ongoing engagement with the right audience requires consistency over the long haul.
  • Tackling LinkedIn organic reach without a strategy can cause the entire approach to collapse
  • Numerous brands target LinkedIn audiences organically.

How LinkedIn Organic Reach works

Organic reach on LinkedIn means you do not create LinkedIn Sponsored campaigns. In that regard, you grow your following organically.

With LinkedIn organic reach, you attract potential buyers and funnel them into the sales funnel organically. It will not cost you anything, except time and effort.

Overall, the price of converting the potential buyers into actual buyers will be less. That is because the results of an organic campaign tend to snowball.

That means more content engagements adds context to your campaigns. Therefore, the more organic reach you have, the better your lead generation and conversion funnels will work.

Real World Examples Of Brands Reaching LinkedIn audience Organically

Here are great examples of brands growing their LinkedIn following organically.

1. How Twenty Over Ten Is Growing LinkedIn audience Organically

Twenty Over Ten is a digital marketing platform for the modern advisor. The company has maintained consistency when it comes to posting content on its LinkedIn page.


According to Samantha Russell, the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Twenty Over Ten, they post a video every Monday where she shares top marketing tips for advisors.

Although the number of followers is slightly above 2K, consistency has helped the company to ensure ongoing engagement throughout. the strategy is likely to take a longer period, but their conversion funnel works well.

2. How Vartika Kashyap Grew Her LinkedIn Reach Organically By Ensuring Optimized Profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is one of the top ways to ensure organic reach on LinkedIn. Vartika Kashyap the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub, understands that an optimized profile is a way to growing her organic reach on LinkedIn.


Her profile is updated and she ensures that by just looking at the profile, you get the feeling that she is experienced educated and a master of her trade. Besides, she posts on LinkedIn regularly to keep her followers engaged. To grow your organic reach, make sure your profile is optimized and updated.

Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Organic Reach

  • Revamp your LinkedIn profile
  • To rank for relevant searches, go for keywords optimization
  • Publish content frequently
  • Include videos in your LinkedIn content strategy
  • Use hashtags effectively and tag the industry using specific words
  • Mention relevant content contributors so that your posts reach the contributor's network
  • Interact with your audience to make them feel important
  • Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Experiment with content and CTAs
  • Encourage employee advocacy
  • Talk about your brand in an authentic way

We have looked at the best ways to grow your LinkedIn reach organically. remember that organic reach may take longer than sponsored content.

Case Study

We attract customers through inbound marketing and storytelling on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A successful marketing tactic for us is to showcase a behind-the-scenes look on social meetings:


Instead of advertising our work that we deliver (website, design, etc), we advertise us. It works. People want to work with us because they know we are human and that we are trying to understand them.

We never really ran ads or cold called. That's not our style. We prefer if clients come to us, and right now that’s working pretty well.

Oliver Op de Beeck, on starting Kreatix ($10,000/month) full story ➜

Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great channel to marketing your , especially if you're in B2B. it's great for finding new clients, new leads, and even making deals happen.

Here are a few great resources for dominating on LinkedIn:

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