Partner With Journalists To Promote Your Brand: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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How Des Brand & Journalists Partnership Work?

A journalist is trained to collect or to gather information in the form of text, audio, or pictures.

Nowadays, journalists are very active on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

These strong and trusted media personalities can have a huge impact on your reach and brand reputation.

If you are able to collaborate with an industry-specific journalist, they may review your business on their social platforms, blog, and any other media publications they are a part of. Not to mention the word-of-mouth marketing that would naturally come with this.

Brand & Journalist Partnership Key Takeaways

  • Collaborating with journalists has always been PRs best tool for earning brand reputation
  • Just like brand ambassadors, journalists work hard to build engaged and loyal followers on social media platforms
  • Partnering with journalists can be a great strategy for building brand awareness and increasing engagements

Understanding How Collaborations With Journalists Work

The rise of the social media landscape has brought about a new target for brands. Today, brands are collaborating with journalists, to reach the potential targets for PR outreach.

Journalists have a huge following on different social media platforms. Therefore, collaborating with them can be effective in telling your company story.

Besides, journalists are PR pros and have the potential to influence a company’s reputation and awareness positively. However, brands must provide a PR pitch that stands out from the rest.

Do not forget that credibility is the pillar that supports all of your social media marketing efforts. Without building credibility consistently, your social media strategy will lack the energy it needs to drive lead generation and increase conversions.

A good way to build brand credibility is by partnering with trusted individuals. By hiring journalists to market your products on social media, you equip the brand with the tools it needs to build credibility on social media.

This is because journalists have earned some level of trust from their followers. Therefore, partnering with journalists meets the expectations of your target audience, and so they can trust your word.

Real—World Examples Of Brands Collaborating With Journalists To Build Brand Awareness

Here are examples of brands that engaged journalists successfully and were featured on publications successfully

1. How StickerYou Pitch To A Journalist Landed On News Publication

Laura Fitch, the director of PR for StickerYou shared a pitch relating to a new trend in eCommerce.


The pitch caught the attention of the journalist in charge, and it was covered on the globe and Mail

The pitch was successful because the journalist had been searching for a similar story when the pitch from StickerYou landed in his email.

From this example, it is clear that crafting a highly engaging pitch and sending it to the most suitable journalist could land your brand on various platforms including social media.

2. Muck Rack Real Pitch That Worked

Muck Rack was getting ready to release a research tool for journalists.

Emma Haddad, the PR manager at Muck Rack shared a real pitch that caught the attention of journalists and had the company featured on a publication.


The pitch worked because it had a clear idea of who the target audience was. Second, the pitch was positioned as an exclusive, hence attained a huge success, with over 30 journalists sharing the post on Twitter.

How To Collaborate With Journalist To Market Your Brand

  • Define your target audience
  • Identify professional journalists
  • Share your brand's passion and values
  • Define mutual benefits
  • Come up with a pitch
  • Produce relevant content
  • Determine how often the content will be published
  • Measure progress and identify gaps
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