How (And Why) To Hire Brand Ambassadors To Promote Your Brand On College Campuses

Updated: October 8th, 2022


Brand Awareness
Cost Details
Campus ambassador wages are between $ 15 and $ 25 an hour

Who is Student Brand Ambassador?

A student brand ambassador is an influencer who is paid to market the brand's products to their college counterparts.

To get the word out, student brand ambassadors host company events, market through word of mouth, create social media posts, and can be tasked to hand out brand freebies to their fellow students.

Hiring brand ambassadors is one of the potential ways to become a household name among college students.

Student Brand Ambassador Key Takeaways

  • Campus brand ambassadors provide an in-person marketing approach. Thus, your company markets through face-to-face interaction.
  • College brand ambassadors understand what other students prefer. Therefore, they market your brand in the most effective approach.
  • Students are already looking for opportunities to make money by working as brand ambassadors.

Understanding How Student Brand Ambassador Programs Work

The student brand ambassador serves as a representative of a brand or a company within the college or campus. The job of a student brand ambassador is to market the brand or products to the students through organized events, distributing free or discounted merchandise, branding, and overseeing incentive programs.

The brands or companies pursuing this marketing initiative could have the ambassadors run information booths at campus events or fairs within the campus area. Alternatively, the ambassadors could ensure presence at various sporting events or occasional parties to surprise their following

Ideally, the student brand ambassadors serve as the face of the brand they represent. Therefore, they are a useful tool for any company targeting the college-aged demographic and beyond.

One of the best benefits of hiring campus brand ambassadors is the ability to build brand trust. According to Edelman`s, 67% of consumers try a product if the company has a good reputation. One approach to build a positive reputation is hiring brand ambassadors.

1.How TikTok Grew Brand Popularity By Hiring Student Brand Ambassadors

TikTok, the social media site, hired talented campus ambassadors to promote the brand during the spring semester.

(source) At schools like Illinois State University, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of South Florida, campus talent ambassadors are working to build the company’s brand and bolster its user base.

Bita Mottie is one of the student ambassadors working for TikTok as a campus brand ambassador.


Mottie hosted events focusing on creating TikTok awareness and creating a community for students to have fun while expressing themselves in their college endeavors. Besides, she passed out merchandise and created social media content to promote TikTok on campus.

2. Bumble

Bumble is a dating App founded in 2014, and present in over 160 countries.


Bumble understands that campus brand ambassadors offer invaluable support when it comes to creat6ing brand awareness. Touted as the feminist tinder, the platform engaged students to help in marketing the platform in India.


(source) The Bumble brand ambassador program is for current university students looking to gain invaluable marketing experience and to build a community on their campus. Responsibilities of Bumble brand ambassadors include marketing, PR, and event coordination.

How To Run A Successful Student Brand Ambassador Campaign

  • Define your ultimate goal
  • Target the right colleges and universities
  • Segment the target market in terms of education, extracurricular activities, or other relevant criteria
  • Establish and maintain an on-campus presence
  • Utilize social marketing through social media networks and referrals
  • Hire the right University ambassadors
  • Train the recruits so that they represent your brand while upholding an authentic approach
  • Mentor and provide feedback
  • Measure the results and build an incentive-based program to encourage the brand ambassadors.

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