How To Create An Indoor Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: A Guide

How To Create An Indoor Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: A Guide

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Guerrilla marketing uses low-cost, unconventional methods to draw attention to a brand, idea, product or service

What Is Indoor Guerrilla Marketing?

Indoor guerilla marketing involves adding something to the pre-existing urban environment at indoor locations like shops, universities, train stations, or campus buildings.

This form of experiential guerilla marketing aims at promoting a brand in unconventional or controversial marketing approaches.

Indoor guerilla campaigns grab public attention and deliver memorable adverts. All you need to ensure effective indoor advertising is creativity and a proper targeting approach.

In this post, we look at various examples of indoor guerilla marketing and explain how to create an effective indoor guerilla marketing campaign.

Indoor Guerilla Marketing Key Takeaways

  • Effective guerrilla marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming
  • Stealth and mystery can add to the drama
  • Find a way to keep people entertained and guessing.

How Indoor Guerilla Marketing Works

Indoor guerilla campaigns focus on taking the consumer by surprise to make a big impression about the product or brand.

The approach utilizes unconventional strategies to get consumers' attention and to create buzz about a product or a brand.

Ideally, indoor guerilla marketing is disruptive, provocative, and aims at ensuring memorable experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Guerilla Marketing?

Here are some of the reasons you need to try guerilla marketing.

Great For Low-Budget Campaigns

One of the benefits of indoor guerilla marketing is that it is a low-cost form of advertising.

Therefore, if a business is hoping to run a low-cost marketing campaign, indoor guerilla campaigns become the best-suited approach.

Many of the experiences are often interactive and occur in unexpected places.

Indoor guerilla marketing provides a cost-effective way of building brand awareness.

The Potential To Go Viral

We live in a connected world where people walk with their mobile devices in hand.

Besides, the selfie culture is well entrenched, and people will want to pose by anything that caught their attention.

In that regard, the indoor guerilla campaigns could go viral within a shorter time. when an advert goes viral, that means additional exposure at a low cost.

Unique and Memorable Advertising Opportunities

Indoor guerilla marketing campaigns elicit strong emotions in consumers.

Often, the indoor guerilla campaigns feature a unique setting, purposely created to catch the attention of the target audience.

Eventually, brands using this form of advertising stand a chance of leaving memorable experiences among the target audience.

Generates Word Of Mouth Marketing

According to statistics, 90% of consumers are more likely to trust and buy from brands they hear about from people they know.

People love talking about the things they find to be unique and entertaining. Thus, indoor guerilla marketing is one way of getting people to talk about your brand.

Real-World Examples Of Brands Running Successful Indoor Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

Here are a couple of indoor guerilla marketing campaigns for your inspiration.

1. Frontlines Uses An Image Of Giant Dog To Capture The Attention Of Target Customers

Our first example of an indoor guerilla campaign is from Frontline, the flea treatment brand.


The image is not full of fleas as it appears from the look, but humans.

Frontline managed to fill the entire floor of a large mall with an image of a giant dog scratching his ear.

The advertisement targeted the people who walked into the mall as they would inadvertently become part of the stunt.

Frontline also knew that the illusion would catch the attention of many people on the upper levels and the word would spread.

2. Netflix Here In the 90s Advert

Netflix wanted to promote the third season of an acclaimed TV series Narcos. To achieve the objective,

Netflix launched a pretty interesting indoor guerilla marketing campaign.

They decided to recreate the LA drug scene back in the mid-90s when the drug market was mainly ruled by the Cali cartel.

The marketing team stuck transparent stickers with images of rolled-up dollar bills sprinkled with coke residue in nightclub bathrooms across Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.


The advertisement got everyone talking about the upcoming series.

How to Setup a Successful Indoor Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Here are inspiration tips to guide you in creating a successful guerilla marketing campaign.

1. Ensure a Unique Campaign

The top-secret for ensuring a successful indoor guerilla marketing campaign is coming up with a unique campaign.

Remember that people are looking for unique experiences. Therefore, copying what other brands have already done might not get you any far.

2. Ensure You Have a Call to Action

Like digital marketing campaigns, indoor guerilla marketing campaigns should have a clear call to action.

The CTA guides the target audience. Therefore, if you do not include the CTA, the risk is that your advertisement will not generate the expected conversions.

3. Focus On The Audience

For any marketing campaign to achieve the objective, the advertiser must consider the audience's expectations.

Guerilla marketing campaigns will fail if you do not come up with concepts that capture the attention of the target audience.

Therefore, conduct some research focusing on the things they love most, and their way of doing the things that they love.

4. Focus on Smaller Groups

If you are planning to use indoor guerilla marketing, chances are that you are targeting a certain audience.

To ensure effectiveness, ensure you concentrate on a smaller but passionate group.

5. Have a Concise Message

Another important strategy when it comes to ensuring an effective campaign is based on the message you intend to deliver.

Ensure a clear and concise message tailored to the target audience.

Couple the message with a strategy for amplification, to maximize reach.


Indoor guerilla marketing is a low-cost form of advertising.

To increase the odds for success, ensure creativity, flexibility, and be ready to take a little risk.

Remember that guerilla campaigns are all about adding some fun and ensuring originality.


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