Tips For Creating A Successful Guerrilla Marketing Campaign In 2024

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Is A Experiential Guerrilla Marketing?


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Guerrilla marketing uses low-cost, unconventional methods to draw attention to a brand, idea, product or service

Experiential guerilla marketing is a combination of all guerilla marketing strategies but is done in a way that engages and attracts the target public.

This is a very effective form of marketing, as there is plenty of user-generated content from these types of experiences. Besides, you get to promote your brand in a fun and creative way which people across the world will remember.

In this post, we look at how experiential guerilla marketing works and share examples of brands that implement guerilla marketing effectively.

Guerilla Marketing Key Takeaways

  • Guerrilla marketers spend 90% less on advertising because of using unconventional approaches.
  • 27% of decision-makers use unconventional marketing to promote their brand.
  • Guerrilla marketing campaigns can be complex undertakings requiring collaboration between several businesses or organizations.

How Experiential Guerilla Marketing Works

Experiential guerilla marketing features the use of unexpected experiences to help brands stand out in competitive environments.

Effective guerilla marketing campaigns could go viral and get the target audience talking about your brand.

People recall experiential guerilla marketing campaigns more than traditional advertising.

Therefore, the best guerilla marketing concepts are the ones that people gravitate towards, engage with, and share with friends.

Types Of Guerilla Marketing Concepts

Here are the different forms of guerilla marketing campaigns

  • Outdoor Guerilla Marketing

An advertiser adds something to preexisting urban environments. For instance, the advertiser could put something removable onto a statue, on sidewalks or streets.

  • Indoor Guerilla Marketing

The advertiser targets indoor spaces like subways, train stations, or university cafeterias and puts something that attracts the attention of the target audience.

  • Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing

The approach leverages an ongoing activity or event to promote a product or service in a noticeable manner. Often, an event ambush occurs without permission from an event sponsor.

Real-world Examples Of Guerilla Marketing

Here are examples of Guerilla marketing campaigns for your inspiration.

How Arkaden Launched Ambient Marketing Campaign To Create Buzz and Attract Attention

Arkaden is a popular fashion mall in Gothenburg Sweden.

The management at the fashion mall wanted to show off their vast array of winter clothing, and market the several brands on offer.

To create a buzz, the fashion store moved their mall's dressing room out into the street and turned the shells that typically hold an outdoor pavement advertisement into mirrors for the customers to check out their fashionable appearance.

Their ambient advertising campaign attracted crowds of people as they came to check out the novel approach, and take in the fashion on offer.


The campaign was simple, effective, and not expensive.

How Tyskie Created An Attention-Grabbing Campaign

Tyskie is a polish beer brand and never ceases to amaze when it comes to attention-grabbing guerilla campaigns.

Their marketing team came up with an eye-catching advert that featured a branded door handle that resembled a frothy, and enticing mug of beer.

While the approach seemed a little silly, the advert brightened the day of beer lovers whenever they checked into their favorite joint.

The Tyskie advert achieved a high ad recall rate that lasted for a while after the advertisement.


How To Create Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Are you fascinated by |guerilla marketing? Here are the top tips to help you come up with an attention-grabbing guerilla campaign.

1. Consider The Target Audience

Knowing the target audience and their needs are key to crafting a winning guerilla advert.

Defining the target audience guides you when it comes to choosing the right space.

Therefore, you can choose the space strategically and come up with convincing advert copies.

2. Location Is Everything

Where you place the guerilla advertising campaign, matters when it comes to ad reach and message delivery.

Choose the place that brings the ad's characteristics into play.

Therefore, research the available spaces and choose one that comes into play adequately.

3. Ensure You Have a Clear Call-to-Action

Guerilla marketing campaigns can be extremely beneficial.

However, the odds of success depend on communicating the message clearly and ensuring the target audience can understand the message.

With a clear call to action, you can track the ad's performance, and even calculate the ROI.

4. Focus on Entertaining and Surprise Effect

Guerilla marketing is nothing without the elements of surprise and entertainment.

While designing your advertisement, the focus should be on coming up with an entertaining message and one that creates the surprise effect.

Therefore, you may engage a few ad creative agencies to help you come up with an advert that creates the humor effect.

5. Do Not Copy Others

The most successful guerilla campaigns feature originality. People are tired of copycats and tend to criticize such campaigns.

Therefore, nurture originality and make sure the advertisement matches the expectations of your target audience.

To ensure relevance and attract the maximum audience, aim at current trends to shape up your campaign.

Remember your overall goal is to speak to your audience, and so leveraging the current trends is the best approach out.


Guerilla marketing campaigns can be standalone installations, involving performances, or spread throughout the city.

If done effectively, guerilla marketing draws the attention of the target audience and encourages public interaction.

Like controversial marketing approach, guerilla marketing does not involve a huge investment.

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