7 Wellness Author Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
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An author writes books and articles intended to be published and sold to readers. To become a professional author, you must have earned at least a degree or have extensive experience in your area of expertise. Training helps you acquire the technical skills for writing relevant information on different topics.

In this list, you'll find real-world wellness author success stories and very profitable examples of starting a wellness author that makes money.

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Other resources

1. Clean Eating Kitchen ($240K/year)

Carrie developed the business idea while experimenting with a vegan diet and seeking connection in an online community.

How much money it makes: $240K/year
How much did it cost to start: $3.5K
How many people on the team: 0


My Blog Makes $20K/Month Sharing Recipes For Women Recovering From Chronic Health Issues

Carrie Forrest's food and wellness blog, Clean Eating Kitchen, gets 650,000 page views per month and earns a monthly revenue of $20,000 through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate income; her success has been tied to her use of SEO and educational background to stand out in an oversaturated niche.

Read by 4,236 founders

4. Dr. Axe

Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, is a doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and author with a passion to help people get well using nutrition, natural remedies (including essential oils), healthy recipes and fitness.

Where they're located: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Website traffic: 3.53M/month

5. Dr. Mark Hyman

Food isn't like medicine, it is medicine, and it's our number one tool for creating the vibrant health we deserve. Join the Community!

Website traffic: 480K/month


6. Elizabeth Rider

Author Elizabeth Rider's lifestyle blog covers real food recipes, practical wellness advice, mindset strategies, and online business & blog education.

Website traffic: 370K/month


7. Nir and Far

Nir Eyal is a best-selling author on Consumer Behavior, habits and the future self, and the psychology of time management. Read his posts on NirandFar.