4 Volleyball Net Product Success Stories [2022]

4 Volleyball Net Product Success Stories [2022]
Start A Volleyball Net Product

Here are some real life success stories of starting a volleyball net product:

1. CROSSNET ($12M/year)

Greg Meade, Chris Meade, and Mike Delpapa (from Miami, Florida, USA) started CROSSNET almost 6 years ago.

$1M / month
3 founders / 18 employees
Miami, Florida, USA

Case Study

Hello, my name is Chris Meade, and I’m the co-founder of CROSSNET, the world’s first four-way volleyball game. We have created a revolutionary four-way volleyball net where four players compete in a hybrid version of foursquare and volleyball in a competitive game to 11, win by 2.

We began working on our first prototype of CROSSNET during the summer of 2017 when I and our co-founders Greg Meade and Mike Delpapa moved to Miami to start our business. In 2018 we did $74,000 in revenue and just one year later we 30x’d our business in 2019 to $2,250,000 in sales.


2. Epic Sports

  • Website traffic: 1.24M/month
  • Business rank: #60.2K

Check out their full website ➜

3. Champion Sports

  • Business rank: #148K

Check out their full website ➜

4. B2C Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is the home of official MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL & college sports gear, sporting goods, indoor games & more for athletes & sports fans of all ages.

  • Website traffic: 150K/month
  • Business rank: #173K

Check out their full website ➜

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