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6 Virtual Magician Success Stories [2023]

6 Virtual Magician Success Stories [2023]
Become A Virtual Magician

Magic is timeless! If you love entertaining people and performing at corporate or social events, you can become a virtual magician.

Virtual magicians spice up events and provide fun diversion in an otherwise busy environment. As a virtual magician, your business is to entertain guests at family and corporate events.

To become a virtual magician, you will need a computer, a stable internet connection, and great creativity, so you always leave your audience amused.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a virtual magician:

1. Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows ($144K/year)

Daniel Chan (from Fremont) started Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows over 23 years ago.

$12K / month
1 founders / 4 employees

Case Study

Hello, my name is Daniel Chan and I am the founder of Dan Chan Presents, LLC. We are a unique company specializing in sophisticated magic entertainment that’s designed for savvy corporate audiences. Our shows feature world-class sleight of hand, playful pickpocketing, and thoughtful sleight of mind. I am known as The Billionaire’s Magician and have performed for many tech millionaires and Silicon Valley’s Elite.

Last year the company made 160K performing live, in person, corporate shows. Due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19, I quickly pivoted my in-person event strategy to suit the new virtual format. I am one of the first in the magic industry to fully pivot to Zoom, and was recently featured in The Hustle as well as twice in Business Insider. In a single month, I was able to take an industry that was best experienced in person, and turn it into a compelling virtual experience that people can enjoy at home. Not only have I brought magic into people’s homes, but I was able to expand my marketing reach performing internationally in Europe, Australia, Africa, and China, all from the comfort of my home office.


2. James Chan - Prodigy Magician and Juggler ($12K/year)

James Chan (from Fremont) started James Chan - Prodigy Magician and Juggler over 15 years ago.

$1K / month
3 founders / 3 employees

Case Study

Hi. My name is James Chan, and I’m a 12-year old second-generation magician and juggler. I specialize in magic and juggling family events. Since my business had pivoted to a virtual platform, I can now perform for audiences around the globe. My customers include boy scout troops, PTA’s, companies who host take your kids to work days, and organizations planning celebrations.


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4. Ah Real Magic LLC ($420K/year)

Gary Ferrar (from New York, NY, USA) started Ah Real Magic LLC over 10 years ago.

$35K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hello! My name is Gary Ferrar and I’m a professional magician and mentalist. I never thought I would say that, not even after graduating college. But once I realized that I could easily generate income and stand out against the competition, I started marketing myself to high-end clients and corporations. From private penthouse performances for Ralph Lauren and Robert DeNiro to a corporate client roster that includes Verizon, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, Slack, Snapchat, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America.

I travel the world performing for trade-shows, product launches, and specialize in creating memorable experiences through stage performances, parlor shows, and strolling magic. In my first year, I made $60K and now can make over $40K per month.


5. McMagical ($120K/year)

Earning up to $2,000 for 45 minutes doing something you love -- who wouldn’t want to do that? That’s exactly what Brian McGovern of McMagical.com does. Brian is a party entertainer — he’s been practicing magic and performing since he was in high school. The success of the side hustle allowed him t…

Brian McGovern (from New York, NY, USA) started McMagical over 16 years ago.

$10K / month

Case Study

Since high school, Brian has been practicing magic and performing as a party entertainer. Later all this stopped after his graduation as he went on to do a job on Wall Street.

A few years later he again rediscovered his passion for magic and started doing magical entertainment gigs. It was around 2007 and back then none of his competitors had an online presence so Brian noticed a gap and saw this as an opportunity.

He built a website named McMagical from scratch and made his online presence felt which ended up being favorable for him.

This side business saw enough success that allowed him to leave his well-paying job on Wall Street and pursue magic as a full-time career.

Even during the pandemic, he was earning up to $2,000 per hour by performing shows in his living room.


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