5 Tobacco Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Cigarette Vending Machine

A cigarette is one of the highly in-demand tobacco products. Depending on location, a cigarette vending machine can pay off in the first few months. If you plan to start a cigarette vending business, consider areas where tobacco sales are permitted. To minimize startup costs first purchase the high on-demand cigarette brands. Ensure a competent display of brands and analyze what sells best in your preferred location.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a cigarette vending machine:

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Where to start?

-> How to start a cigarette vending machine?
-> How much does it cost to start a cigarette vending machine?
-> Pros and cons of a cigarette vending machine

Need inspiration?

-> Examples of established cigarette vending machine
-> Marketing ideas for a cigarette vending machine

Other resources

-> Cigarette vending machine manufacturers

3. Japan Tobacco International – a global tobacco company

JTI is a global tobacco and vaping company focused on innovation and sustainability. Our brands include Winston, Camel, Mevius, LD, Logic and Ploom.

Website traffic: 160K/month


4. TobaccoReviews.com: The largest collection of pipe tobacco reviews on the internet.

A massive user-generated database of information on and reviews of pipe tobacco blends and brands from around the world.

Website traffic: 280K/month


5. Altria Group

Website traffic: 110K/month