6 Sports Pr Business Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
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Here are some real life success stories of starting a sports PR business:

1. Athlo agncy ($192K/year)

Jay Fuller, along with co-founders Aly and Isaac Nauta, came up with the idea for athlo agncy after a mom reached out to Jay about helping her daughter with NIL opportunities. With Aly's expertise in personal branding and Isaac's experience as a former college athlete, they saw a gap in the market and decided to create a personal branding startup specifically for college athletes navigating the NIL landscape. Through grassroots marketing, strategic partnerships, and cold outreach, they have been able to gain traction and attract potential customers before their official launch.

How much they make: $192K/year
Current team size: 0


On Starting A Business Helping Student Athletes Monetize Their Personal Brand

Athlo agncy co-founder Jay Fuller shares the story of how the personal branding startup for college athletes navigating NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) was able to generate brand awareness through strategic partnerships and grassroots marketing initiatives, securing athlo ambassadors, event participation, and on-campus workshops with two different universities in pre-launch mode.

Jay grew the business to $16K/month
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