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Business Idea: Start A Smoking Accessories Brand in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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The smoking accessories industry is a billion-dollar market, and it's growing. While the market is primarily dominated by big brands, there are still opportunities for new brands to make their mark.

To succeed in this industry one should make sure that the brand is professional, but also fun and unique. You want your customers to feel like they can relate with you, and that they can trust you. Your target market is people who smoke and enjoy the lifestyle of smoking.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do smoking accessories brands make?

Examples Of Successful Smoking Accessories Brands

Successful smoking accessories brand businesses and case studies

California-based online headshop marketplace CaliConnected has grown its inventory to over $40m and generated nearly $2m in lifetime sales while operating without paid search advertising, instead focusing on SEO and affiliate marketing through platforms such as Affiliatly and Moz.

$70K Monthly Revenue
$5K Startup Costs
Read by 6,759 founders

This case study showcases how a smoking accessories brand called Tetra created a unique and elevated position in the industry, and has since grown to average nearly $20,000 per month in revenue with no outside investment and just a $12,000 initial founders’ outlay.

$20K Monthly Revenue
Read by 10,909 founders

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