4 Cybersecurity Blogger Success Stories [2022]

4 Cybersecurity Blogger Success Stories [2022]
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Cyber attacks hit businesses and private systems daily. Highlights of the Check Point Cyber Security Report show that cyberattacks against corporate networks increased by 50% in the past year.

Therefore, IT professionals and all computer users are interested in understanding the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Are you a cybersecurity expert? Did you know you could earn a good income teaching others about cybersecurity matters? A cybersecurity blog features articles, surveys, research, and everything related to cybersecurity matters.

Cybersecurity is a vast, dynamic, and somehow overcrowded niche. To start a cybersecurity blog, identify a target audience and understand their pain points. Then, understand what your competitor's content your competition covers and focus on channeling better content.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a cybersecurity blogger:

1. All Things Secured ($300K/year)

Josh Summers (from Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand) started All Things Secured almost 6 years ago.

$25K / month
1 founders / 1 employees

Case Study

Hey guys! My name is Josh Summers and I’m the founder of All Things Secured, a personal security and privacy brand that produces tutorials and educational content online. I started the company about 5 years ago while living in a sensitive part of China where the internet was highly censored and my activities were closely monitored, but have since moved to a more comfortable location in Thailand.

This past year, we crossed the 100,000 subscriber mark on YouTube and have continued to grow our content through email, live workshops, and other social media channels.


2. Gartner

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow.

  • Website traffic: 2.89M/month
  • Business rank: #2.84K

Check out their full website ➜

3. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a global cybersecurity leader you can trust and rely on, protecting over 500 million systems in more than 150 countries.

  • Website traffic: 5.51M/month
  • Business rank: #5.06K

Check out their full website ➜

4. Sophos

Sophos is Cybersecurity Evolved. Advanced Endpoint Protection and Network Security Fully Synchronized in Real Time.

  • Website traffic: 4.12M/month
  • Business rank: #6.13K

Check out their full website ➜

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