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Business Idea: Start A Seafood Sales Business in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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Market Size

Starting a frozen food business specializing in seafood is a fantastic business venture.

The global demand for aquatic foods will double in the next few years.

Finfish, pelagic fish, cods, salmonids, crabs, shrimp, krill, prawns, and lobster are among the highly in-demand sea foods.

To start your frozen fish products business, conduct market research to understand the current industry trends. Focus on how each vendor performs and find out the highly in-demand products.

Then, decide to source your frozen seafood from suppliers, or you will do the food processing. Analyze the costs of both options to determine the most optimal. Finally, apply for the food handling permits and licenses, and begin marketing your frozen goods business.

Examples Of Successful Seafood Sales Businesses

Successful seafood sales business businesses and case studies

Cameron's Seafood, the largest Maryland seafood company in the world, has leveraged an existing family-owned seafood business to ship Maryland Crabs and crab cakes to customers in all 50 states, making over $200,000 in July 2018 with an expected $2.4 million in first-year revenue without venture capital.

$300K Monthly Revenue
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