7 Phone Case Business Success Stories [2023]

Updated: July 24th, 2023
Start A Phone Case Business

With the number of mobile phone users increasing, there are opportunities for accessory makers such as phone case manufacturers to make a profit. Building a business around making and selling phone cases is relatively easier to produce. You can print labels on-demand, starting with a lower risk, or buy them in bulk and sell them online.

The global mobile phone protective cover market is expected to reach 75.62 billion in the next few years.

Phone protective covers often make a statement and reflect a person’s social and cultural preferences. Phone case manufacturers take advantage of such considerations and keep their products relevant and up-to-date to attract a more extensive customer base.

Remember, as with any industry with a low entry barrier, there will be competition. Therefore, you must study customers’ tastes and preferences and offer customized phone cases.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a phone case business:

1. Felony Case ($1.44M/year)

Andrew Moore (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) started Felony Case over 11 years ago.

$120K / month
1 founders / 1 employees
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Case Study

Hi, I’m Andrew Moore, the founder, and designer at Felony Case, a Toronto based company designing unique iPhone cases. I founded Felony Case in 2012, and since then we’ve created several flagship iPhone case designs.


2. Phone Loops ($1.5M/year)

JP Brousseau (from Quebec, Canada) started Phone Loops over 9 years ago.

$125K / month
1 founders / 5 employees
Quebec, Canada

Case Study

Hi, my name is Jean-Philippe Brousseau, I’m a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Canada, Québec. I’m the founder and owner of phoneloops.com. We mainly sell our universal phone strap that provides a secure, yet relaxed grip on mobiles to B2B and B2C markets.

We’ve been in business since 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We’ve grown exponentially every year since. As of 2018, we’ve sold over one million Loops in 66 countries. We couldn’t be happier and we are super excited about what the future holds.


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6. United States Courts

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7. mlive

  • Website traffic: 11.3M/month
  • Business rank: #9.6K

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