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Business Idea: Start An Online Coworking Platform in 2024

Updated: July 7th, 2024

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An online coworking platform is a website or app that connects remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, allowing them to work together in a virtual shared workspace.

It provides tools for collaboration, communication, and access to resources like virtual meeting rooms or project management tools.

To start this business on a budget, you can begin by creating a user-friendly website or app using affordable website-building platforms or hiring freelancers for development.

Focus on building a strong community by offering free trials or low-cost memberships initially to attract users.

As the platform grows, you can explore monetization options like paid memberships, premium features, or partnerships with businesses for additional revenue streams.

Revenue & Profitability

How much do online coworking platforms make?

Examples Of Successful Online Coworking Platforms

Successful online coworking platform businesses and case studies

Pieter Levels builds a multimillion-dollar empire catering to digital nomads, with businesses like Nomad List generating $30K/month in revenue, focusing on automation, user-generated content, and community-building to support the location-independent lifestyle.

$250K Monthly Revenue
$150 Startup Costs
Read by 1,088 founders

The Office Pass, a neighbourhood coworking and managed office company in India, is growing at a rate of over 180% YoY, aims to reach USD 7.3 million over the next 24 months, and offers workspace options suitable for the Indian scenario.

$225K Monthly Revenue
$100K Startup Costs
Read by 2,771 founders

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