4 Nut Butter Business Success Stories [2022]

4 Nut Butter Business Success Stories [2022]
Start A Nut Butter Business

According to experts, nut butter contains loads of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that help to increase HDL cholesterol while reducing LDL cholesterol.

To start a nut butter business, decide which area you want to focus on. You can be a nut butter manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. Whichever level, ensure you focus on delivering high-quality nut butter to the end user.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a nut butter business:

1. Pip & Nut ($12M/year)

Pip Murray of premium nut butter brand Pip & Nut chats to us about her business journey so far.

Pip Murray (from London, UK) started Pip & Nut almost 10 years ago.

$1M / month
1 founders / 30 employees

Case Study
  • Pip Murray is the Founder and CEO of Pip & Nut. The idea of this business came to her mind back in 2013 when she was whipping up peanut butter in her own kitchen for her own consumption.
  • Later when she realized how much others were loving her nut butter she started selling it in a local market in London. She built her brand little by little and even organized a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to launch her products onto the shelves in 2015.
  • Along with offering delicious flavored nut butter Pip & Nut is also dedicated to supporting local communities and reducing carbon print.
  • Since its launch, Pip has worked hard to make it a well-liked brand and currently it has a team of 20+ passionate people. Pip & Nut is present in 6,000 stores throughout the UK and Europe and is known for its taste, variety, and quality.


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2. Perfect Snacks

At Perfect Bar we make the freshest nutrition bars ever created. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 20+ Organic Superfoods, High in Protein, and handmade in sunny San Diego.

  • Website traffic: 120K/month
  • Business rank: #171K

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3. American Dream Nut Butter

At American Dream Nut Butter, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice taste or the treats you love in order to follow a healthy lifestyle. That's why our mission it to make it easier than ever to satisfy that sweet tooth with high protein, low carb, low sugar, gluten-free nut butters the whole family can enjoy.

  • Website traffic: 100K/month
  • Business rank: #350K

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4. The Butternut Co.

Welcome to the The Butternut Co! The leading manufacturer and seller of Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Chocolate Spreads & Healthy Snack Foods.

  • Business rank: #459K

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