4 Nootropics Brand Success Stories [2022]

4 Nootropics Brand Success Stories [2022]
Start A Nootropics Brand

Here are some real life success stories of starting a nootropics brand:

1. Fredi ($42K/year)

Mitch Glaser and Chelsea Glaser (from Santa Monica, California, USA) started Fredi over 2 years ago.

$3.5K / month
2 founders / 2 employees
Santa Monica, California, USA

Case Study

Hey everyone! We are Chelsea and Mitch Glaser, a sister/brother team that just launched Fredi, a female-focused productivity brand aiming to re-define productivity as a sustainable form of self-care. Our goal is to provide holistic wellness for busy brains in order to help women bring their best selves to work and life on a more consistent basis.

We launched Focused by Fredi in mid-April and did about $3.5k in sales in our first month. We are working tirelessly to create content on our social platforms where we now have almost 8.5k followers! Check us out on Instagram.


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3. Thesis

Nootropics aren’t one size fits all: discover what’s possible with blends optimized for your goals and lifestyle.

  • Business rank: #169K

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4. Nootropics.com

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  • Business rank: #1.03M

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