6 Lifestyle Youtube Channel Success Stories [2024]

Updated: November 1st, 2023
Start A Lifestyle Youtube Channel

Here are some real life success stories of starting a lifestyle youtube channel:

1. Mrs Daaku Studio ($60K/year)

Chhavi, the founder of Mrs Daaku Studio, had a desire to achieve financial freedom and work from home. After finding success as a freelance writer, she and her husband Amit realized there was a demand for information and guidance on working from home and starting side hustles. They launched their blog and YouTube channel, offering valuable resources and products like The Client Magnet Bundle and The Content Mojo, which have helped them earn $5-7k per month and live a flexible life.

How much they make: $60K/year
How much did it cost to start: $500
Current team size: 3


How This Couple Makes $5K/Month Generating Content About Ways To Make Money Online

Learn how this entrepreneurial couple made $5-7k a month by helping others find legitimate work from home jobs and creative ways to make money online through their blog and YouTube channel, as well as offering two flagship products designed to help beginner freelancers and new bloggers accelerate growth.

Chhavi started Mrs Daaku Studio over 5 years ago
Chhavi grew the business to $5K/month
It cost Chhavi $500 to start the business
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2. Delray Watch Supply ($3.84M/year)

John Pietrasz and Federico Iossa, co-founders of Delray Watch Supply, came up with the idea for their tech-driven luxury watch dealer through their shared passion for watches and their expertise in the industry. They launched the business with $4,000 in their kitchen and now see sales of over $3.3 million annually, attracting and retaining customers through engagement on YouTube.

How much they make: $3.84M/year
Current team size: 4


How We Started A $3.3M Watch Business Selling On YouTube

Delray Watch Supply, a tech-driven luxury watch dealer, co-founded by John Pietrasz and Federico Iossa 20 months ago with $4,000 in a kitchen, has seen sales of over $3.3M annually, with sales expected to reach close to $4M this year.

John started Delray Watch Supply over 6 years ago
John grew the business to $320K/month
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3. The Kavalier ($72K/year)

Jon Shanahan came up with the idea for The Kavalier after realizing the need for guidance in the exploding online menswear brand space. Modeled after The Wirecutter, Jon started the YouTube channel in 2015 with the goal of delivering helpful, in-depth recommendations by category. With a subscriber count of 57k and revenue of $7,000 per month, Jon continues to grow steadily and redefine the modern context of being a gentleman in the menswear world.

How much they make: $72K/year
Current team size: 1


Starting A YouTube Channel And Blog Making $6,000/Month

The Kavalier started as a YouTube channel in 2015 delivering honest and approachable reviews on men's fashion brands, growing to 57k subscribers, 500 videos, and earning $7k per month in revenue, providing helpful, in-depth recommendations by category with a YouTube strategy focused on standing out and niching down.

Jon started The Kavalier about 9 years ago
Jon grew the business to $6K/month
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4. Kashvi Adlakha YouTube Channel ($16M/year)

How much they make: $16M/year
Current team size:

Kashvi Adlakha Has Attracted 4.1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

A YouTuber attracts a whopping 331.82 million views a month, earning an estimated $19.91 million a year.

They started Kashvi Adlakha YouTube Channel about 7 years ago
They grew the business to $1.33M/month
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