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6 Insurance Agency Success Stories [2023]

6 Insurance Agency Success Stories [2023]
Start An Insurance Agency

Are you hoping to start an agency in the service industry? How about starting your own insurance agency?

In the past decade, the insurance industry contributed more to the US GDP than banks for the first time. Insurance statistics show that the industry has been pretty good lately, and the trend is not slowing anytime soon. Factors driving growth in the insurance sector include sustained economic growth, better interest rates, and greater investment income. Besides, insurance companies adopted investments in technological and operational efficiencies during the pandemic, a move that has helped the industry thrive.

Perhaps you are an insurance agent wanting to quit a 9 to 5 job and start a new chapter of self-employment. Or maybe you are considering a career change and seeing potential in the insurance industry. Whatever the reason for wanting to start an insurance agency, it can be a great idea.

However, building an insurance agency is no small task. Ensure you have enough equity and get ready to work hard and make smart decisions.

Here are some real life success stories of starting a insurance agency:

1. FAB INSURANCE ($3M/year)

Fabien (from Capbreton, France) started FAB INSURANCE about 8 years ago.

$250K / month
1 founders / 8 employees

Case Study

I’m Fabien from FAB FRENCH INSURANCE. I run an insurance brokerage agency in the South West region of France. We sell insurance for the English-speaking community living in France, mostly insurance for VISAS (or residency applications) and also provide car insurance, as well as home and content policies. Basically, we smooth out the administrative challenges of living the French dream. Although we’re based in France we provide a 100% English service.

As with any start-up, you have to be “the squid of all trades” (I just made this one up but let’s pretend it’s a French saying), and be prepared to put in the hours!


2. MetLife

Stay covered with MetLife: life, auto & home, dental, vision and more. Learn more about MetLife employee benefits and financial solutions.

  • Website traffic: 3.22M/month
  • Business rank: #16.8K

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Learn more about starting an insurance agency:

Where to start?

-> How much does it cost to start an insurance agency?
-> Pros and cons of an insurance agency

Need inspiration?

-> Examples of established insurance agency
-> Insurance agency slogans

Other resources

-> Blog post ideas for an insurance agency

4. Policygenius

America's #1 independent online insurance marketplace. Save money on life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, pet insurance and more.

  • Business rank: #21.2K

Check out their full website ➜

5. Insure.com

Compare rates from updated data & get cheap insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies providing, home, life, health,auto & homeowners insurance.

  • Website traffic: 790K/month
  • Business rank: #54.1K

Check out their full website ➜

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