7 Trending Hot Sauce Subscription Box Businesses [2024]

Updated: January 18th, 2023
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1. Fuego Box

Join the world's # 1 hot sauce of the month club, focused on craft & small-batch hot sauces. Get the tastiest hot sauces delivered to your door every month or send it as a gift to any hot sauce lovers.

Where they're located: Ararat Province, Armenia


2. Grill Masters Club

Get premium BBQ & grilling products delivered monthly! Discover new BBQ sauces, dry rubs, wood chips, grilling surprises, techniques, recipes & more.


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4. Flaming Licks

Welcome to Flaming Licks - Spicy Food & Hot Sauce Subscription Club. Put some fire in your face with our awesome 'fiery' subscription boxes.

How much they make: $156K/year
Where they're located: Wimborne Minster, England, United Kingdom
Current team size: 3


How We Started A $13K/Month Hot Sauce Online Store And Subscription Service

Flaming Licks is a hot sauce subscription club and chili shop based in the UK, finishing 2019 with around 500 active members and planning to grow to 1000 members by the end of this year, with sales at around $13k/month split 2/3 subscription and 1/3 retail, mostly sourced from social media traffic using Cratejoy checkout.

James started Flaming Licks over 8 years ago
James grew the business to $13K/month
Read by 8,136 founders

5. Doc Hotties

Curated selection of artisanal hot sauces to cure boring food. Whether you're a heat enthusiast or just love a spicier flavor, you'll find your new favorite here. Explore the world of spicy flavors, and gourmet sauce creations.

6. Bauce Brothers

The Bauce Brothers Club is a Hot Sauce Subscription Box straight out of east London. Our mission is to bring small batch craft hot sauces to the masses. Every three months we ship out three kick ass hot sauces right to your door. Our box is perfect for food lovers who want to discover the best hot sauce hustlers the UK has to offer.