7 Financial Service Company Success Stories [2023]

Updated: April 14th, 2023
Start A Financial Service Company

Here are some real life success stories of starting a financial service company:

1. Digits ($20.4M/year)

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/NathanLatkawatchDigits CEO Jeff Seibert: Financial Management Platform for SMBs... Visit them: www.digits.com#latka #saa...

Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert (from San Francisco, California, USA) started Digits almost 6 years ago.

$1.7M / month
2 founders / 59 employees

Case Study

Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert, this fintech company, Digits in 2018. The company aims to transform how small businesses manage their finances.

They started by co-founding Crashlytics to collect, analyze, and organize app crash reports, which they later sold to Twitter in 2013 and Google in 2017 before migrating to Firebase in 2019.

The founders have developed Digits as a real-time finance engine that gives founders and operators a complete understanding of their business, using an AI-generated dashboard. In 2018, Digits was established as a remote business.

With Digits, users can build interactive & easy-to-understand financial reports, get quick answers to their financial queries, Automatically spot mistakes in their ledger, and obtain practical suggestions & advice.


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2. LendingPoint ($37.7M/year)

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/NathanLatkawatchLendingPoint CEO Tom Burnside: AI-Driven CreditTech lending... Visit them: www.lendingpoint.comSee more ...

Tom Burnside, Franck Fatras, Victor J. Pacheco, and Juan E. Tavares (from Kennesaw, GA, USA) started LendingPoint almost 10 years ago.

$3.14M / month
4 founders / 258 employees

Case Study

LendingPoint is a financial technology platform that offers financing origination solutions to its e-commerce and point-of-sale partners, lending institutions, and customers.

The company was founded by Tom Burnside, Franck Fatras, Victor J. Pacheco, and Juan E. Tavares in 2014.

To assess a person's creditworthiness, the company uses technology to look at their financial situation, taking into account their credit history, employment history, earning potential, and other information.

In January 2015, LendingPoint introduced its first consumer loan product. LendingPoint announced a $100 million credit facility in October 2015, with money managed by Ares Management's Tradable Credit and Direct Lending groups.

In May 2022, Lending Point announced a partnership with Midland States Bank, a locally-based financial holding company with its headquarters in Illinois.

In Q1 2022, LendingPoint, an AI-driven SaaS credit tech lending platform, surpassed $900 million in new loans.


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Other resources

5. Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory ($4.44M/year)

Robert Gauvreau (from Peterborough, ON, Canada) started Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory almost 16 years ago.

$370K / month
1 founders / 80 employees

Case Study

I am Robert Gauvreau, the founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory. Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory was established in 2008 as a CPA firm built to help entrepreneurs advance their businesses through proactive financial services.

So seven years ago just being over a million and this year just being over 10 million, that's pretty wild and a pretty incredible track record. And so our goal is to do the same thing over the next ten years is to go from 10 to 200 million and we have the plan and process in place to get there.


6. ProfitWell ($22M/year)

Before he announced the sale to the world, Patrick Campbell said he wanted to come on Mixergy to explain what happened. This is the story of how he bootstrapped Profitwell, where he’s going to spend the money he made and why he’s in Puerto Rico.

Patrick Campbell (from Boston, MA, USA) started ProfitWell almost 12 years ago.

$1.83M / month
1 founders / 85 employees

Case Study

In 2012, Patrick Campbell founded ProfitWell - a software platform that focuses on positioning, marketing analytics, and saas metrics.

  • Profitwell has an annual revenue of $22M.
  • Its products are used by over 30,000 companies, such as Canva, Autodesk, and more, to monitor and automate the growth of their subscription revenues.
  • Paddle has acquired Profitwell for $200M in cash and equity.


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7. Klooks ($720K/year)

Alexandre Abu-Jamra (from Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil) started Klooks over 11 years ago.

$60K / month
3 founders / 35 employees

Case Study

My name is Alexandre Abu-Jamra. I'm a Brazilian tech entrepreneur and I run K-Looks. The business is specialized in organizing unstructured financial data, probably the most unstructured type of data around. Basically, we find and turn corporate financial statements (pdf files that are very messy from a structural point of view) into standardized indexed data with "post-OCR" processing.

We service some of the main Brazilian financial institutions such as Caixa, Citi, and ABC. Also, we are the official data provider to some of the largest global financial data players. Our revenues in 2022 were $600k with triple-digit annual growth in the last 3 years.


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