Guest Blogging: The Basics And Everything To Know Before Getting Started

Guest Blogging: The Basics And Everything To Know Before Getting Started


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What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy that involves writing and publishing a blog post on another company’s website.

Guest posts include your byline and are highlighted by the editor of that website as being written by a guest author or contributor

Guest posts attract a new audience and ultimately boost brand credibility and awareness.

Guest Blogging Key Takeaways

  • Before you begin, make sure you have a clearly defined objective/goal
  • Research different sites that accept guest authors and are actively looking for new content
  • Aim at establishing a connection with the website owner
  • Pitch topics that are likely to be popular and interesting to the website's audience

Understanding How Guest Blogging Works

Guest blogging provides startups an effective approach for getting their thoughts and their products out to a wider audience.

For guest blogging to be an effective marketing strategy, consider pitching your content to a website that has a similar audience and a wide reach.

The ultimate goal is for the reader to click to your website or blog, so it's important that you create engaging and unique content.

Real-World Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Guest Blog

1. Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity, a search engine optimization expert and the founder and CEO of Diggity Marketing, uses guest posting as a leading strategy for generating leads to his company’s website.


Matt's guest posts are featured on leading publications like Inc and Hostgator.

2. Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas contributes to Forbes and Seeking Alpha.


By guest posting on a leading website, Brad is able to reach a large and diverse audience interested in real estate and investments.

How To Get Started With Guest Blogging

  • Determine your guest posting goals
  • Research and find guest posting opportunities
  • Qualify guest posting websites
  • Develop blog post ideas
  • Create a guest post pitch
  • Write a blog post worth publishing
  • Follow up
  • Track guest posting results

Writing great posts for your guest blogging campaign can be an overwhelming task, especially to a busy entrepreneur.

Fortunately, there are ways to find experienced content writers who can help you with guest blogging.

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