Engage With Your Competitors' Followers On Social Media: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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How To Engage Competitors Followers

Targeting and engaging competitor's followers is a great way to attract new customers and build brand ambassadors.

Here's how to approach this:

  • Create a list of your top competitors and follow a specific amount of their followers
  • Engage with them - like and comment on their photos or even direct message them!

This will increase your chances of getting more followers, more engagement, and potentially some new customers!

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to accelerate your social media strategy by getting some followers from your competitors, here are several tips to consider.

Social Media Key Takeaways

  • Statistics show that there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021.
  • Actively engaging social media users will increase your presence and develop real relationships with your audience.
  • Engaging competitors social media followers does not mean you start sharing competitors posts on your social media

How Engaging Competitors' Social Media Followers Works

Building a social media following can be very difficult. To speed up the process of building an active social media following, you can target the competitor's fan base.

The process involves listening to competitors' conversations; identifying their active audience and following them. Over time, start engaging the competitor's followers by liking their posts, commenting, and even mentioning them on your social media posts.

By doing this, the expectation is that these followers will get back to you, like, follow and even comment on your posts. in the long run, you can convert the competitor's followers into your loyal brand ambassadors, and even customers.

To accelerate results, you could run paid social media campaigns targeting the competitor's followers.

Therefore, engaging a competitor's following can be a great strategy for ensuring you have an active social media strategy.

Tips For Getting More Followers From Your Competitors

Getting followers from your competition can be a tough undertaking. Here are important tips to guide you through the strategy.

1. Start Cross Promoting

Cross-promoting is a popular approach to growing your followers on social media. Cross promoting is when two or more people in similar niches collaborate to promote each other’s content.

Therefore, partners in cross-promoting drive more social traffic and sales to each other’s websites. Start reaching out to entrepreneurs in the same niche as you, and seek cross-promoting opportunities.

Eventually, cross-promoting gets you, social media followers.

2. Target Authority Competitors In Your Niche

The best way to gain quality followers from the competition is by targeting the authority competitors in your niche.

Therefore, choose target competition based on the number of followers, posting frequency, and social media interactions.

3. Analyze Social Media Activity

Upon identifying potential competitors’ followers, the next move is digging deeper into the social media activity in order to ascertain that the followers are truly interested in what you offer.

Essentially, these steps help to make sure you are pursuing potential customers. Do not forget to look at the follower's comments on your competitor’s posts.

How To Target, Engage And Get More Social Media Followers From Your Competition

Here are important tips to guide you when it comes to engaging competitors' followers.

Conduct Competitor Analysis

The initial step to acquiring followers from your competition is conducting a competitor analysis to find out what your competition offers their audience.

In doing so, you can identify your competitive advantage, and maximize their strengths to attract new followers.

Therefore, business owners will want to focus on the brands that provide similar products, services or target the same market segment.

Adapt To Their Audience

Social media users display different types of behavior. To win potential new followers from your competition, you need to understand what they prefer, what triggers their engagement, and what they do not like.

By taking a close look at what the followers prefer, you can reposition your social media strategy to better serve the demands of prospective followers.

Promote Your Unique Engagement Strategy

Once you have understood what the competitor’s followers prefer and how they engage on social media, it is time to come up with a unique engagement strategy.

Consider an engagement strategy that makes your brand stand out in a crowded market.

The preferred engagement strategy should be promoted across your entire social media platform.

Invest In Targeted Ads

With more brands engaging social media users, it may be hard to cut through the noise. Therefore, you need to invest in paid social media ads, targeting the competitor’s followers.

Remember advertisers constantly bombard your target audience, and so overcoming the noise is never an ending challenge.

Encourage Them to Become Brand Advocates

One of the most successful ways to attract more followers and retain followers acquired from competitors is encouraging them to become brand advocates.

Today’s consumers believe recommendations from colleagues, friends, or family members. Therefore, brand advocates can help you acquire additional traffic to your social media platforms.

Besides, brand advocates help brands to build a loyal customer base. In that regard, invite the already acquired followers to become brand advocates.


Social media has transformed from a communication channel to a marketing platform.

For businesses to achieve progress through social media marketing, they ought to build a following.

One way to increase the follower base is by engaging the competitor's followers.

The above tips share ethical ideas and are effective methods for garnering a social media following from your competition.

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