Produce Customer Testimonial Videos: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022

What Is A Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video is simply user-generated content, sharing their experience with your brand.

Customer testimonial videos help establish trust with your customers.

If people see that other people love your product, they're already convinced your product is worthwhile.

These videos can help push customers from the curiosity stage to the buying stage.


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User-Generated Content Is Often Free Of Charge

Customer Testimonial Video Key Takeaways

How Video Testimonials Work

With video testimonials, your prospects hear straight from the mouth of your existing and past customers.

Therefore, testimonial videos allow clients to see other people talk about your products, services, or customer service experiences.

The majority of consumers consider video testimonials before reaching the purchase decision.

In that regard, video testimonials could be the best marketing strategy and one you need to include on your landing page.

Importance Of Video Testimonials

Not yet convinced why you need customer video testimonials? Here are compelling reasons why you need to invest in video testimonials.

1. Video Testimonials Reinforce Credibility and Trust

One of the biggest benefits of using video testimonials in your marketing strategy is the potential to boost trust and credibility.

Your prospects are far more likely to believe their peers. Therefore, posting video testimonials to your social media page or landing page helps your marketing initiatives.

2. Video Testimonials Attract Better Emotional Connection

Compared to reading a quote or customer review on your website, video content puts a face to the testimonial.

In that regard, there is a higher potential for creating an emotional connection.

On the other hand, a written customer testimonial misses out on the subtle facial expression and convincing tone.

Using video to develop an emotional connection with the viewer convinces the target audience they can benefit in the same way from your products or services.

3. Humanizes The Brand

A problem online businesses face is lacking human-to-human connection.

By showcasing video testimonials you can humanize your brand.

Use a video testimonial to illustrate to the potential clients that you are capable to deliver tailored solutions to cater to their day-to-day pain points.

4. Video Testimonials Improve Brand Exposure

Another reason to consider video testimonials is how much they improve brand exposure.

In today's internet-based society, people like to share interesting content that they have come across.

Therefore, compelling video testimonials will often go viral overnight.

This increases brand exposure, which is a great thing for any startup that is trying to break even and increase profits.

Real World Examples of Brands Using Customer Testimonials In their Marketing Strategy

Here is an overview of some of the brands embracing customer testimonials as part of their marketing strategy.

1. Codecademy Uses Customer Video Testimonials To Convince Prospects

Code Academy is our first example of brands that take advantage of user-generated video testimonials to further their marketing efforts.

In this example, Tommy Nicholas, a Codecademy user, shares his experience in a convincing video.

He talks about how Codecademy helped him discover the potential he had when it comes to creating things he imagined.

The words used in this customer video testimonial are extremely powerful.

Besides, in his video testimonial, the customer talks about the benefits of buying the product.

While Codecademy could create a brochure summarizing the benefits of buying their course, the video testimonial does it clearly and in a way that appeals to the viewer's heart.

To maximize reach, Codecademy shared the video on their YouTube channel.

2. How Omada Delivers Captivating Customer Videos By Adding Elements that Capture Viewers Interest

Omada Health is a digital care solution providing personalized programs to its members.

For Omada, adding visual interest to video testimonials is a great way to capture the viewer’s attention.

They highlight specific phrases from the customer testimonial video to emphasize the benefits they provide.

Omada does not just put text up on the screen. To improve the visual appeal, Omada animates their video content and use different fonts to make the testimonial interesting.

Their approach is great in that it helps to increase engagements and delivering the message in a compelling manner.

8 Best Practices For Making video Testimonials

We have seen that customer video testimonials provide a powerful marketing and sales tool.

However, creating compelling customer video testimonials can be a tough task. Here are important considerations to guide you when creating customer video testimonials.

1. Use High-Quality Equipment To Record The Video

While it is tempting to use whatever you have to record a customer video testimonial, it would help if you went for high-quality equipment.

That does not mean you spend thousands of dollars purchasing video equipment.

You can rent quality video recording equipment or hire a freelancer to provide the service.

2. Avoid Using a Script

Recording a video testimonial without plans on what your customer will say is a recipe for disaster. A script makes the testimonial sound stilted and unnatural.

Remember that your customer's brand and personality are what will make the video testimonial so effective.

Come up with a set of questions you may ask during the testimonial, and share with the customer prior to the video recording session.

3. Focus on The Why

In most cases, prospects watching a video testimonial are not concerned about the product features.

In fact, they can look up the product features on your website.

Therefore, focus the video testimonial on one customer's pain points and the solutions they got from your product or service.

Remember to ask questions that capture emotions and tie that to the solution provided by your product or service.

4. Keep The Video Testimonial Short

With all the benefits of video testimonials highlighted in this post, it is easy to get carried away and end up with an hour of video.

When editing, get rid of unnecessary sessions and keep the video short.

A maximum of six minutes is a good suggestion when it comes to testimonial videos.

5. Add Graphics And Text

Attractive graphics and text can make the video testimonial memorable.

Consider adding text to keep your viewers engaged.

The textual visuals can be a place for sharing facts and statistics or even for highlighting points you want to emphasize.

6. Wait Until Customer Has Given Positive Feedback

When asking customers for a video testimonial, the last thing you want is to ask a brand-new customer.

Asking customer testimonials too early can scare the customer away.

Therefore, wait until the customer has given positive feedback.

Once the customer has given positive feedback, you have the opportunity to reach out to the customer asking for a video testimonial.

7. Avoid Offering an Incentive In Return To The Video

Offering an incentive in return for a video testimonial is considered bribery, and therefore a big no!

You do not need to influence the customer, as this makes the customer testimonial biased.

8. Choose a Perfect Location

Once the customer has agreed to record the video testimonial, consider the different location options for the recording.

The perfect locations could be at their office or even their home.

Remember that lighting is an important aspect when it comes to video recording.

Therefore, choose well-lit venues to avoid disappointments.


Positive video testimonials help brands to establish credibility and reliability. Take time to create video testimonials and share them widely.

You can share video testimonials as links on newsletters and at various stages of the customer journey.

If done effectively, customer video testimonials can help your business.

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