What Does The Chamber Of Commerce Do For My Business?

What Does The Chamber Of Commerce Do For My Business?

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What Is A Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber Of Commerce is an association formed to promote and protect the interests of a business community in a particular location.

A local Chamber Of Commerce promotes the interest in local business possibilities and creates an environment in which businesses can prosper.

Joining the Chamber Of Commerce provides an opportunity to network and increase business exposure.

Chamber of Commerce Key Takeaways

  • Your local Chamber Of Commerce will provide you with new business networking opportunities
  • Your local chamber of commerce is a built-in support system for small businesses
  • Most chambers are nonprofit/private organizations and rely on funds from membership fees, donations and funds drive to keep operating

Why Chamber of Commerce Works

A Chamber of Commerce exists to further the interests of businesses of a local area. The association consists of business owners who invest their time and money in a community development program and work together to improve the economic, social, civic, and cultural well-being of the business community.

The local chamber of commerce serves two primary functions;

  1. Acts as a spokesman for the business and professional community and translates the group thinking of its members into action
  2. Renders a specific product or service type that can be most effectively beneficial to the community organization and the members

The chamber of commerce works for an ever-increasing population. Therefore, the association remains committed to creating new business opportunities and guaranteeing the members additional income for their businesses.

Real-Testimonials From Business Owners Who Are Members of Chamber of Commerce

Here are two inspiring stories about joining a local chamber of commerce.

1. What MacDaniel Philips Said About Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Of Commerce Membership

MacDaniel Philips is a mortgage agent at Dominion Lending Centers. For him, joining the Greater Kitchener Waterloo chamber of commerce was been the best decision.


He explains how he met Lisa McDonald and she took time to present the chamber to him as more than a networking place.

According to MacDaniel, the chamber has been integral in building his business. Check out the full testimonial here.

2. Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Networking Opportunity For Members

One of the benefits of joining the local chamber of commerce is the networking opportunity. The members of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce hold a breakfast meeting every month, presenting a great opportunity for members to introduce themselves and their business.

The video below is from a networking event that brought together business professionals from around Beverly Hills.

6 Reasons to Join Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

  1. Make new business contacts
  2. Receive chamber newsletters [and stay up to date with news in your area]
  3. Acquire customer referrals from other chamber businesses
  4. Use Chamber Of Commerce badge/insignia to bring credibility to your business
  5. Increase your brand visibility
  6. Get access to networking opportunities in your local area

Several chambers of commerce exist both at the local and regional levels. Business owners can research and determine which chamber of commerce is more advantageous.


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