The 45 Best Business Card Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

The 45 Best Business Card Software Tools For Small Business [2021]

Business Card Software is essential to running your business.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular business card software tools.

Here they are:

1. Canva

A graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app already includes templates for users to use. The platform is free to use but offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality.

Businesses using Canva:

122 successful businesses are using Canva ➜

Get Canva ➜

2. Capterra

An online peer review site (PRS) that aims to help businesses find software solutions for almost every process of a business.

Businesses using Capterra:

31 successful businesses are using Capterra ➜

Get Capterra ➜

3. Covve Scan

A mobile application that uses AI to accurately digitize business cards, and privately stores card details

Businesses using Covve Scan:

13 successful businesses are using Covve Scan ➜

Get Covve Scan ➜

4. Sailax Digital Business Card

An all in one digital business card mobile application that has an easy to use UI to help users create beautiful looking cards swiftly

Businesses using Sailax Digital Business Card:

2 successful businesses are using Sailax Digital Business Card ➜

Get Sailax Digital Business Card ➜

5. Wondershare EdrawMax

Graphics utility that makes it simple to create professional-looking diagrams and charts

Get Wondershare EdrawMax ➜

6. ABBYY Business Card Reader

Scan and manage all your business cards and contacts in a flash

Get ABBYY Business Card Reader ➜

7. Switchit

Switchit helps sales professionals easily share their contact details using beautiful digital business cards that support video

Get Switchit ➜

8. Business Card Designer Plus

Business card designing tool that provides customizable templates, shape tools, bar codes, and text effects

Get Business Card Designer Plus ➜

9. Cardworks

CardWorks Business Card Software makes it easy to design your very own business cards

Get Cardworks ➜

10. CamCard

Cloud-based solution that assists with contact management through electronic business cards, data capture, quick search, and more

Get CamCard ➜

11. Knowee

Internet service that transforms business cards into a sustainable communication channel and the best sales tool

Get Knowee ➜

12. AvidMobile

SMS marketing tool that assists businesses with mass texting, reporting, mobile coupons, and more

Get AvidMobile ➜

13. Logaster

Software that generates logos and corporate identity with easy creation, minimal costs, and high quality of the result

Get Logaster ➜

14. Contacts+

Contact management platform that helps sync contacts across multiple accounts, manage out-dated and duplicate contacts and more

Get Contacts+ ➜

15. MBizCard

MBizCard is THE Mobile Business Card

Get MBizCard ➜

16. Business Card Composer

Business card design solution with a library of templates, custom design, and the ability to add Google Maps and QR codes to cards

Get Business Card Composer ➜

17. BusinessCards MX

On-premise solution that provides professionals with tools to create, design and print business cards via customizable templates

Get BusinessCards MX ➜

18. Business Card Maker Software

Design business cards in a variety of shapes with image design tools and templates, and easily print through built in functionality

Get Business Card Maker Software ➜

19. ScreenTag

The digital business card

Get ScreenTag ➜

20. WorldCard Team

WorldCard Team provides a secure contact management system for the enterprise

Get WorldCard Team ➜

21. Folocard

Compose email templates and scan business cards to get draft email ready in seconds

Get Folocard ➜

22. L-Card Pro

A corporate digital business card solution with a centralized card database, contact-free card sharing and full biz card customization

Get L-Card Pro ➜

23. Anyline

Anyline makes data capture simple, giving you the power to read, interpret and process visual information on mobile devices & websites

Get Anyline ➜


Design your digital visiting card in 5 minutes

Get ➜

25. Bric

Scans business cards accurately through human transcription and exports to Excel, Salesforce, Outlook, Zoho and Hubspot

Get Bric ➜

26. Build-A-Brand

Engage and convert your leads with a powerful digital business card

Get Build-A-Brand ➜

27. Business Card Studio Pro 10

Create business cards from scratch or thousands of templates, customize them, and easily export them for professional printing

Get Business Card Studio Pro 10 ➜

28. Card

Store your social media profiles websites and links in a customized card profile

Get Card ➜

29. Cardify

Allows sales teams to share business card contact details instantly

Get Cardify ➜

30. Cardiris 5

Business card solution that helps businesses convert business cards into digital contacts through scanning, Outlook integration & more

Get Cardiris 5 ➜


Light weight branded Digital cards that stick better, creating better sales opportunities

Get ➜

32. E-commerce solutions

Easy and simple payments to maximize your business's opportunities and revenue growth

Get E-commerce solutions ➜

33. EVCard

It's a digital business card powered by artificial intelligence

Get EVCard ➜

34. Gobiggi Business Card

With Gobiggi's Interactive Business Card software you design and text your business Story under 3 seconds

Get Gobiggi Business Card ➜

Handy tool for working on Instagram and other social networks, where you can add instant messengers, social networks

Get Hipolink ➜

36. Idencard Digital Business Card

Digital business card application that allows for easy contact management through a QR code system

Get Idencard Digital Business Card ➜

37. Inigo

Transfer contact information straight to your CRM database with this application

Get Inigo ➜

38. Meau

MEAU - Digital Business Card, presents you with a platform for digital business profiles, that looks attractive yet professional

Get Meau ➜

39. ScanBizCards

Business card scanner that helps businesses capture contact details, plan campaigns, export data & more

Get ScanBizCards ➜

40. ScanContacts for HubSpot

A simple, powerful, and free tool for importing contacts from business cards into HubSpot with high accuracy

Get ScanContacts for HubSpot ➜

41. Swoppi

Platform to create & manage digital business cards, customized links, email signatures & analytics

Get Swoppi ➜

42. Visual Business Cards

Business card software that guides you through the process of creating your business card with intuitive drag and drop design

Get Visual Business Cards ➜

43. Brandly

Brandly is the #1 business card printing solution for teams and enterprises

Get Brandly ➜

44. Haystack

Contactless digital business cards for large enterprise (1,000+ staff) with Admin control, HR & CRM integrations, cyber security and strict privacy

Get Haystack ➜

45. Adobe Spark

Web and mobile-based platform that enables businesses to create social graphics, videos and landing pages using available tools

Get Adobe Spark ➜

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