10 Best Tools To Help You Create Facebook Ads [2021]

10 Best Tools To Help You Create Facebook Ads [2021]

Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your product and services. But they can be expensive and time-consuming to create. That is why there are so many tools that can help you with the process!

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, these tools will make your life easier and more organized than ever before, letting you have access to everything you do with your campaigns in the same platform.

After interviewing thousands of founders, we put together a list of the most popular Facebook Ad tools, and include:

  • breakdown of pricing
  • where to find each tool
  • successful founders using these tools

Here they are:

1. AdEspresso

Website: adespresso.com


Plans starting at $49/mo


AdEspresso helps you find the right target audience for your ads through split testing and optimization.

AdEspresso supports different social media ad campaigns with an intuitive interface that helps new users navigate a lot easier. AdEspresso also features a variety of tools that help you develop the best ads possible. Using split testing and multiple analysis, you're able to identify what campaigns your audience will engage with. Additionally, there is a free trial available so you can see the software working before buying it.

Businesses using AdEspresso:

4 successful businesses are using AdEspresso ➜

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2. AdRoll

Website: adroll.com/


The AdRoll platform is based on more than a decade of data collected by hundreds of thousands of brands and billions of shoppers, and that's what you'll use to power your campaigns.

AdRoll helps you find more customers, using different social media platforms to extend your reach and target customers accurately. AdRoll also helps you easily reach the customers that actually want to hear from you, so you can stay current as global privacy requirements evolve.

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3. Hootsuite

Website: hootsuite.com/


A complete Social Marketing Solution for you, helping you manage multiple social networks from one place while connecting with customers and growing your brand.

With over 18 million brands and users working with Hootsuite, this tool has a variety of different features that help gather everything in one place and make it simple for you to manage your ads campaign. Additionally, the tool helps track your growth, performance, and lets you do collaborative work with your team in the same place.

Businesses using Hootsuite:

2 successful businesses are using Hootsuite ➜

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4. AdStage

Website: adstage.io


A Smart Marketing Cloud, powered by your data, to make your marketing campaigns more easily accessible

AdStage is said to have increased conversions through budget optimization, improving your marketing performance, making your CTR 5 times higher, and lowering your CPL and CPA. It also includes different features that make tracking and managing your ads a lot easier, with great customer support, according to their own users.

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5. Qwaya

Website: qwaya.com


A platform made with a variety of top-notch tools to make your job easier when monitoring your ads.

Qwaya is one of the fastest-growing young tech companies, determined to build tools for social media marketing campaigns. They've formed a world-class team with extensive experience and proof of success. Their goal is to create sophisticated tools that are user-friendly, accessible, and have powerful features for various advertisers and agencies around the world to grow their brand and reach.

Get Qwaya ➜

6. Driftrock

Website: driftrock.com


Capture, track and convert leads from 20+ resources with Driftrock, a lead generation software built for the new era of people-based advertising to enhance your results.

With Driftrock, you can create high-performing lead capture campaigns designed for paid media and integrate it with your favorite tools. With over 50% lower cost per lead than other forms of marketing, a business operator will be able to connect or create over 20 lead sources with the help of this one tool.

Get Driftrock ➜

7. RevealBot

Website: revealbot.com


RevealBot is an effective automation tool for scaling ads and obtaining better profitability with smart techniques.

RevealBot allows us to build complex scenarios so you can put campaign growth and management on autopilot. Onboard and manage more customers without hiring more account managers, install pre-constructed and demonstrated automation techniques, with the option of bringing in outside statistics to create new strategies.

Get RevealBot ➜

8. SocialPilot

Website: socialpilot.co


All the tools you need to hit your social media advertising goals at an outstanding rate.

An easy-to-use social media advertising tool that enables professionals to automate their social media management while allowing clients to publish posts and analyze their overall performance. With over 5500 brand deals, they offer all you need to enhance your ad campaign performance at an amazing price.

Businesses using SocialPilot:

2 successful businesses are using SocialPilot ➜

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9. Facebook Ads Manager

Website: business.facebook.com


With this tool provided by Facebook, you can manage and track your ads campaign performance from one place.

Facebooks Ads Manager integrated tool gives you complete control over the design and performance of your ads in one place.

Get Facebook Ads Manager ➜

10. Fanpage Karma

Website: fanpagekarma.com


With Fanpage Karma, you can gather info from unlimited profiles and design reports easily with real-time communication.

With Fanpage Karma you have complete control for professional social media: studying, publishing, communicating, researching, and supplying, you can have the whole thing at your immediate reach, everything in a single tool. With over 900K customers, Fanpage karma allows you to grow your brand with new and innovative strategies.

Get Fanpage Karma ➜

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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