60k/month passive income @ 25 years old?

Updated: March 17th, 2022

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This guy left Stanford to start... this company?

I love to see stories like this: Jake Gabba took a leave from Stanford MBA, bought a small side project called Indifferent Broccoli, and grew revenue to $5000 MRR in 6 months.

You'll be surprised to see what that business does... but with the video game industry growing 12% every year, this could really pay off.

Read the full story.

50 examples of $1M+ business ideas

Ever wondered how entrepreneurs pick the right idea - one that could actually grow to be a $1M+ business?

We put together a list of 50 entrepreneurs who started at least a $1M+/year business (as well as full interviews with all of them).

See the full list.

Starter Story hits $500K ARR

(Pat here) I usually don't mention my own story too much, but figured this was worth sharing...

We just crossed $500K annual recurring revenue at Starter Story, and we have 19 people working on the Starter Story team now!

Our biggest thank you to you (our readers) who support us and have made this possible. It is only the beginning for Starter Story, we have huge plans for the next 10 years :)

I have actually written a blog post every month since starting Starter Story in 2017! If you want to see the journey, you can find every post listed here.

$60k/mo passive income @ 25 years old

We just caught up with Max Maher again, who started a successful moving company at 19 years old.

Max still runs the company, but he's now delegated all day to day operations. Now it's all essentially passive income, so he can work on new projects, like his YouTube channel that now has 300k subscribers.

Learn how he did it in the full interview.

And also, read the original story of how he started.

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