The 15 Best Sortd Alternatives for 2022

The 15 Best Sortd Alternatives for 2022

If you're looking for an alternative to Sortd, here are the most popular Sortd alternatives used by real founders:

1. G Suite

An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google AI.

More About G Suite

G Suite gives you powerful tools for a very low price.

Starting at $6/month you can get an email for your business and access to tools like Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, etc.

Additional details about G Suite:

Businesses using G Suite:

339 successful businesses are using G Suite ➜

2. Superhuman

We rebuilt the inbox from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do.

More About Superhuman

Pitched by VCs as the next big thing - Superhuman is an email client built for the people for whom email is work and work is email. Because of that, it helps you get through your email twice as fast as before.

Although this is less of a traditional email marketing tool, don't forget that you're marketing yourself and your business through your 1:1 and personal emails - being more productive there can help.

Pricing Details


Additional details about Superhuman:

Businesses using Superhuman:

13 successful businesses are using Superhuman ➜

3. Gmass

Send mass emails from Gmail.

More About Gmass

A mail merge tool that allows you send mass email from inside Gmail.

Hook it up to a Google Sheet with leads and you can send thousands of emails, track results, and even send follow ups.

Pricing Details

  • Free plan
  • Minimal - $9/month
  • Standard - $13/month
  • Premium - $20/month

Additional details about Gmass:

Businesses using Gmass:

8 successful businesses are using Gmass ➜


More About

Email unsubscription service. Free, but they do collect data from your email such as purchase receipts, shipping confirmations, etc.

Pricing Details


Additional details about

Businesses using

6 successful businesses are using ➜

5. Mixmax

This includes scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, playing games, and even interacting with apps.

More About Mixmax

A Gmail productivity app that helps you track emails, schedule meetings faster, and do interesting things like creating polls and surveys - all while you're composing emails.

Pricing Details

  • Starter $12/month
  • Small biz $29/month
  • Growth $65/month

Additional details about Mixmax:

Businesses using Mixmax:

6 successful businesses are using Mixmax ➜

6. Mailtrack

More About Mailtrack

Mailtrack is a very popular browser extension that will track and notify you when people read your emails.

Pricing Details

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan - $10/month

Additional details about Mailtrack:

Businesses using Mailtrack:

4 successful businesses are using Mailtrack ➜

7. Wisestamp

More About Wisestamp

Email signature generator that generates award-winning email signatures.

Pricing Details


Additional details about Wisestamp:

Businesses using Wisestamp:

4 successful businesses are using Wisestamp ➜

8. Yet Another Mail Merge

More About Yet Another Mail Merge

A Google Sheets plugin mail merge tool that allows you to send email blasts from a Google Sheet.

Pricing Details

  • Free plan - 50 emails/day for free
  • Pro plan - 400 emails/day - $20/year

Additional details about Yet Another Mail Merge:

Businesses using Yet Another Mail Merge:

2 successful businesses are using Yet Another Mail Merge ➜

9. Saleshandy

Email Tracking & Scheduling, Document Tracking, Mail Merge, Auto-Followup & email templates.

More About Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a Gmail add on where you can track emails, send campaigns, and send auto follow-ups.

Pricing Details

  • Free plan
  • Regular Plan: $9/user/month (billed yearly)
  • Plus Plan: $22/user/month (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $49/user/month (billed yearly)

Additional details about Saleshandy:

Businesses using Saleshandy:

1 successful business is using Saleshandy ➜

10. Politemail

More About Politemail

Most email productivity tools are built on Gmail.

Politemail is built for Outlook users.

Pricing Details

Their pricing is not disclosed on their website.

Additional details about Politemail:

11. Rebump

Send friendly follow up messages to your email recipients.

More About Rebump

An email follow up tool for Gmail - you can "bump" your emails back to recipients to push it to the top of their inbox.

Pricing Details

  • Starter plan $5/month
  • Unlimited plan $5/month

Additional details about Rebump:

12. Gmelius

More About Gmelius

A shared inbox tool and CRM, that lives inside Gmail.

If you want to collaborate with your team, but still stay in Gmail, this is a great tool.

Pricing Details

  • Free plan
  • Plus plan $12/month
  • Growth plan $24/month
  • Enterprise $69/month

Additional details about Gmelius:

13. If No Reply

More About If No Reply

Automated follow-up plugin that lives inside Gmail.

Pricing Details

  • Startup - $13/month
  • Pro - $25/month
  • Power - $50/month

Additional details about If No Reply:

14. Followupthen

More About Followupthen

A very simple email follow up tool.

Just put in "[email protected]" in your CC or BCC field when sending an email, and it will handle the follow up for you - nothing to install!

Pricing Details

  • Free plan
  • Personal plan - $2/month
  • Professional plan - $5/month
  • Company plan - $9/month

Additional details about Followupthen:


More About

Email follow up tool that comes with email tracking as well.

Pricing Details

  • Starter - $23/month
  • Pro - $36/month

Additional details about

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