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Ombud's Sales Content Collaboration platform empowers global revenue teams with centralized, contextual, and collaborative sales content so they can respond effectively on every new business opportunity.

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Ombud Product Features

Global reps need accurate content at their fingertips, and leaders need confidence that what is presented to customers and prospects is the highest possible quality. With Ombud Rx, you can power sales content creation for your sales, pre-sales, proposal, sales operations, and security teams to win business.

Here’s how Ombud is different:

▸ The more complex the documents and sales cycles, the better. Our unique platform and importing tools can handle any document, whether it’s an 800-page government proposal or an online web-portal submission.

▸ We treat each customer like our most important client with a dedicated success manager, full-service implementation, and ad-hoc reporting.

▸ Ombud Rx makes it easy to collaborate with SMEs across the entire organization to put their knowledge in the hands of sales reps and proposal teams.

▸ Our agile system allows for fully customizable use cases—Ombud can help generate RFPs, Statements of Work, Security Questionnaires, and much more.

The result for global enterprises like Capgemini, Magellan Health, Pegasystems, Sysco, and Zendesk is a consistent message, faster turnaround time, and professional deliverables at each key step of the sales process.

Ombud Pricing

How does Ombud pricing work?

Ombud's pricing is customized for each customer's situation. Request a demo to learn more.

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Ombud Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Ombud? We've put together a list of all Ombud competitors and alternatives.

List of best alternatives to Ombud:

# Tool Description Pricing Using
PitchPerfect On-premise tool that enables users to build high quality proposal and BD documents directly within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint **** see all businesses using ➜
Offorte Helps you win more deals and save valuable time by letting you share business proposals in a smart way and fun way **** see all businesses using ➜
Proposal and RFP Software Quickly generate professional proposals and RFPs that will win new business **** see all businesses using ➜
Better Proposals Better Proposals helps you create your proposals faster, makes them look more professional and gives you all the tools you need to win the job as quick as possible **** see all businesses using ➜
Practice Ignition Practice Ignition is a powerful way to manage your client-focused business **** see all businesses using ➜
infoRouter InfoRouter provides all the right tools to help manage the complicated process of putting together winning proposals **** see all businesses using ➜
article Template-based PDF proposal creation application for project proposals **** see all businesses using ➜
Leap End-to-end point of sale application digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process **** see all businesses using ➜

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