McAfee DLP Endpoint

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McAfee DLP Endpoint is a dLP app that protects intellectual property or financial data from unexpected disappearance via virtual data protection policies.

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McAfee DLP Endpoint Product Features

DLP app that protects intellectual property or financial data from unexpected disappearance via virtual data protection policies.

McAfee DLP Endpoint Pricing

How does McAfee DLP Endpoint pricing work?

McAfee DLP Endpoint is a freemium product.

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McAfee DLP Endpoint Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to McAfee DLP Endpoint? We've put together a list of 71 McAfee DLP Endpoint competitors and alternatives.

List of best alternatives to McAfee DLP Endpoint:

# Tool Description Pricing Using
1 article Google Cloud Platform Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications **** see all 2 using ➜
2 article Aperture Aperture is a single-pane-of-glass service platform for Microsoft 365 that integrates security tools such as Office 365 DLP, Azure Information Protection, and Cloud App Security **** see all 1 using ➜
3 article Gamma Leverages advanced deep learning for accurate data classification to instantly detect and remediate data loss threats across SaaS **** see all 1 using ➜
4 article Netkiller DLP Netkiller DLP is a Real-Time Data Loss Prevention platform for Google Drive **** see all 0 using ➜
5 article Data Loss Prevention Data protection tool that helps enterprises screen online content and reveal sensitive data through safeguarding confidential data **** see all 0 using ➜
6 article SafeGuard Cyber SafeGuard Cyber is a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to use social media and digital channels securely, compliantly, and at the scale of global business **** see all 0 using ➜
7 article Arcserve Continuous Availability Continuous data protection to ensure vital systems and applications remain operational **** see all 0 using ➜
8 article Open Raven Control and prevent data leaks **** see all 0 using ➜
9 article Commvault Orchestrate Web-based tool that allows provisioning, syncing and migrating data across environments and manage organizational needs **** see all 0 using ➜
10 article Jazz Platform Machine learning & policy engine provide threat detection & response **** see all 0 using ➜
11 article Altitude Networks Cloud security software to protect your companies data **** see all 0 using ➜

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