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Cleverific is an edit customer orders & send payment requests in Shopify.

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Cleverific Product Features

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Cleverific Pricing

How does Cleverific pricing work?

Cleverific is a freemium product.

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What Companies Are Using Cleverific?

List of customers using Cleverific:

# Customer Type Description
1 article HANNUN home decor business En Hannun diseñamos y fabricamos muebles a mano, con madera de la mejor calidad. Encuentra complementos de decoración en la sección de Hannun complementos

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Cleverific Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Cleverific? We've put together a list of 30 Cleverific competitors and alternatives.

List of best alternatives to Cleverific:

# Tool Description Pricing Using
1 article Salesforce CRM software and cloud computing solutions. freemium see all 33 using ➜
2 article ClickFunnels Marketing funnels. freemium see all 26 using ➜
3 article Bold Upsell Curated upsell and cross-sell offers. freemium see all 21 using ➜
4 article Zoho CRM The name of an on-demand, SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution designed to manage sales, marketing, contacts, customer support and other business functions. freemium see all 16 using ➜
5 article Mailshake Outreach email platform. freemium see all 14 using ➜
6 article Back in Stock Back-in-stock notification alerts. freemium see all 9 using ➜
7 article Bold Cashier Advanced out-of-the-box features for checkout. freemium see all 7 using ➜
8 article Pipedrive The easy-to-use, #1 user-rated CRM tool. Get more qualified leads and grow your business. **** see all 7 using ➜
9 article SumoMe E-commerce software tools. freemium see all 5 using ➜
10 article Infusionsoft Sales and marketing software for small businesses. freemium see all 5 using ➜
11 article Proposify An ideal application for small to medium-sized businesses especially suited for the creative industries (advertising, marketing, design, etc.) or any company that requires a proposal to win new business. freemium see all 5 using ➜

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