How To Use Hashtags For TikTok SEO

How To Use Hashtags For TikTok SEO

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Importance of TikTok Hashtags

Contrary to what some may think, TikTok SEO is essential to the success of your content. TikTok hashtags play a critical role in making your TikTok content trend.

A great number of TikTok users use hashtags to search for specific content. Therefore, if you put some thought into using relevant hashtags, you can extend your reach.

The rule of thumb is around 2-3 relevant hashtags per video. This allows you to also write a compelling description for your video.

In this post, we review how to use TikTok hashtags for your TikTok success.

TikTok Hashtags Key Takeaways

  • You can create your own hashtags on TikTok
  • Using trending hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get more views on your TikTok videos
  • TikTok hashtags categorize content, leading to more engagements

Understanding How TikTok Hashtags Work

TikTok hashtags help users find content and join relevant conversations.

Using the right TikTok hashtags can get you much further in terms of engagements.

Popular hashtags are better for reaching a broader audience, while niche hashtags are better for targeting a specific demographic of users who are interested and engage with the content in a meaningful manner.

However, just because a hashtag is popular, it does not mean you should use it!

Examples Of Brands Using Hashtags on TikTok

Here are cool examples of brands that are using TikTok hashtags to increase engagements and generate leads.

1. How Guess Uses TikTok Hashtags To Increase Brand Engagement

Guess, an American clothing brand, wanted to increase social media engagements and grow their brand awareness.

The clothing company opted for hashtags and introduced the #inmydenim challenge on TikTok.


The campaign generated 53 Million views and saw TikTok users sharing hundreds of user-generated content.


2. How Chipotle Used TikTok Hashtag To Generate 1 Billion views

Chipotle wanted to grow their brand engagement and increase sales.

They knew the best way to attract brand engagement and have people talking about their brand was through a hashtag.

Therefore, on National Avocado Day, Chipotle came up with the #guacdance. The hashtag encouraged their fans to share dance moves dedicated to guacamole.


The campaign attracted more than 1 billion views and attained terrific success. The sales increased tremendously.


How To Use Hashtags On TikTok To Boost Your Content

To create a hashtag for a TikTok post, type the hashtag symbol (#) followed by the phrase you have chosen. Be sure not to use spaces, special characters, or punctuations.

Alternatively, you can search trending TikTok hashtags for your videos using Hashtag Expert, an awesome TikTok hashtag generation application that also works for all major social platforms.

To learn how to use TikTok Hashtags, watch this video.

To achieve success with TikTok hashtags, follow these tips:

  • Combine trending, popular, and niche hashtags to ensure more visibility and awareness
  • Do enough research to know which hashtag is trending.
  • The maximum number of characters TikTok allows in captions is 100
  • Run a TikTok branded challenge to increase visibility and engagement
  • Add the most important hashtags to captions


By using the TikTok hashtag you can make the most of TikTok. Start by searching the most popular hashtags and make sure the wording is right. Otherwise, your fans may not relate the hashtag to your brand.


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