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How Denis Kazakov Built Learn Azure App & Hit $10K/MRR in 4 Months

Denis Kazakov
Founder, Learn Azure
Learn Azure
started January 2021
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Learn Azure helps learners become Microsoft Azure Certified Professional from fundamentals, to role-based and expert level.

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About The Learn Azure Founder

Who is Denis Kazakov?

Denis Kazakov is the founder of Learn Azure, an educational app that helps people learn about Microsoft Azure services and become certified professionals.

Denis, a software developer, has over 17 years of experience in commercial software development. He has participated in over 70 successful projects in various roles, including developer, tech lead, CTO, and owner.

About The Business

What problem is Learn Azure solving?

Technical and non-technical individuals seek applications and platforms to support their online learning goals.


How did Denis Kazakov get the idea for Learn Azure?

Denis wanted to expand his knowledge of Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure Services to advance his career. While searching for a mobile solution to facilitate learning on the go, he realized that no suitable mobile app was available. This inspired him to create the "Learn Azure" app, fulfilling his dream.

I searched high and low for a mobile app that could help me prepare for Azure exams, but my search came up empty. Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands and set out to create my own app. And thus, "Learn Azure" was born. — Denis Kazakov (Source)


How did Denis Kazakov build the initial version of Learn Azure?

Initially, Denis built the Learn Azure app using Xamarin for development and with no backend. However, as the number of users increased. he improved the app's infrastructure, scaling it to meet demand.

The tech stack features Microsoft's technology, which provides an excellent ecosystem for all stages of product development and support.

Here is an overview of his tech stack:

  • Visual Studio for Mac/Windows + .NET 7 + Xamarin
  • ASP.NET MVC 7 WebApi / MVC
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure SQL
  • AppCenter + Azure App Insights
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Github / Bitbucket


Screenshot of Learn Azure landing page from 2021


What is the growth strategy for Learn Azure?

Denis proactively promoted the app by sharing it in multiple Facebook groups dedicated to discussions and topics related to Microsoft Azure. This strategic move led to a significant increase in the number of downloads.

Additionally, offering the app for free proved to be a strong incentive for the target audience, further motivating them to download and try it out.


screenshot of LearnAzure Facebook Page

Lessons Learned

What were the biggest lessons Denis Kazakov learned building Learn Azure?

Starting something new can be a daunting experience, and our initial fears can often seem overwhelming. But what we imagine in our minds is often far from reality. We may fear failure, judgment, or the unknown, but once we take that first step, we often realize that our fears are unfounded. — Denis Kazakov

  • Initial fears about new endeavors are often exaggerated.
  • Taking the first step reveals that fears are usually unfounded.
  • Lack of support from others should not deter you from pursuing your dreams.

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More about Learn Azure

Who is the owner of Learn Azure?

Denis Kazakov is the founder of Learn Azure.

When did Denis Kazakov start Learn Azure?


What is Denis Kazakov's net worth?

Denis Kazakov's business makes an average of $10K/month.

How much money has Denis Kazakov made from Learn Azure?

Denis Kazakov started the business in 2021, and currently makes an average of $120K/year.