I Started A Business & YouTube Channel Dedicated To Helping Kids With ADHD

Published: October 30th, 2022
Enchanted Coaching
from Canberra ACT, Australia
started August 2022
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Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

I provide ADHD coaching with a touch of magic. I’m Lulu and I own Enchanted Coaching which is an ADHD coaching business aimed at 6-8-year-olds.

I engage young children in a discussion around their challenges and barriers connected to ADHD. In contrast to cognitive behavioral therapy which can undermine the ability of a child to identify and grapple with issues I face them head-on and find the root cause. In undertaking these exercises with a princess or beloved character children can feel supported in this process and not ostracized by comments about their ability to focus, sit still, or complete tasks.

I am a princess performer in Australia meaning that I have the training to dance, sing, and talk like specific Disney princesses. It was during my work as a princess that I realized the poIr that princesses and characters can have in reaching out to neurodivergent children. There are several parties where parents are shocked by their child’s increased attention, engagement, and communication. This realization was compounded by my experience in teaching social skills while I was studying law and criminology at university. I used to run dungeons and dragons games to allow children to explore different social settings and behaviors. It was incredibly effective with many children successfully engaging in camps, classes, and general playground fun afterward.


What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

This business started because so many adolescents are entering their teenage years with no communication skills or strategies to manage their ADHD. Understandably many parents are overwhelmed by the idea of ADHD and the various preconceptions that exist alongside it. My goal is to allow kids to communicate their needs and struggles to authority figures in their lives. I believe through this children will learn to adapt their management strategies to assist them in managing their ADHD Ill into adulthood. Children who never receive this assistance often have loIr self-esteem, unrealized struggles with ADHD, and may struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I spoke with several other coaches in the industry, psychiatrists, social workers, and parents of neurodivergent children. In doing so I began to craft a series of activities and concepts that are essential communication barriers between children and their caregivers. To test this theory even further I acquired the assistance of Australian author Pam Blashki and developed my strategies around her book ‘Fergusson the Wombat.’ I am currently in the process of filming this series and have three episodes a week which are published on my Youtube Channel - available here.

Alongside this series, I also am developing some videos to guide parents in communicating with their children about the diagnosis, management strategy implementation, and understanding the changing nature of ADHD.

There’s no rule book for becoming a princess ADHD coach - so knowing what tools, what strategies, and what themes are entirely dependent upon my research and initiative.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

The first Fergusson episode began as a voiceover test, in which I explore the animated nature of Fergusson and his ability to engage with ADHD management concepts. Throughout my criminology and law degree, I took a special interest in the development of morality and reasoning, particularly through play. These prior studies gave me a head start in understanding the cognitive development of those with ADHD. Moreover, the addition of Rapunzel added a more fantastical element to the series. The two of them interacting as friends provided a sense of whimsy that is vital when engaging the ADHD brain.

Parents are then engaged to assess these videos, and feedback is still Welcomed at [email protected]. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the second episode was quickly produced. Throughout this process, the ADHD community was engaged and consultation took place across various age groups primarily in Australia. Other corporate agencies that engage in neurodiverse education are invited to comment upon the content of the videos, following this review process the videos are released on Youtube.

Now the focus is turning to the development of a self-paced child-led program involving the first steps of understanding ADHD and how to engage with it in a variety of different environments.

Describe the process of launching the business.

Enchanted Coaching was magical to launch. The business grew naturally from my existing princess work, and while the production of videos and coaching materials took time the real effort fell on educating the broader community about ADHD coaching.

The first barrier was that many parents with children of ADHD are unaware of strategies and management techniques. Many are handed a diagnosis and left to hunt through Facebook for ansIrs. Unfortunately, this can lead many to believe that unregulated supplements or essential oils are a sufficient method for ADHD management. There’s also a large amount of fear-mongering around medication and little to no discussion of how to engage their child in managing their symptoms.


The business strategy is built on empowering parents to give their child support rather than walking the path of management for them. I have a focus on the future of these children, where they can articulate their needs and identify their solutions. The children who receive adequate coaching early on will be able to navigate their path to success.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Enchanted Coaching has remained focused on its audience. I have produced valuable materials that are available to the public. I’ve publicly engaged with parental concerns and misinformation that has been published by large media groups. My best strategy for attracting customers has been to show the value that I can provide.

This business was started with the concept of ‘helping one, is better than helping none.’ This attitude inspires and invigorates us to push for the next stage in the project. Uplifting comments from adults who have a late diagnosis or were inappropriately managed in childhood also assist customers to find my work.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

My business is moving at a pace that I am really happy with. In the infancy of a business, it’s very difficult to see where the improvements are. Primarily at the moment, I am keeping track of what trends are attracting attention. I’m also spreading myself across multiple social media platforms to take advantage of multiple sources for feedback.

I am planning to expand my character set out from Rapunzel, to offer a broader range of characters to clients. I have had some feedback from older audiences that they like the idea of working with a character or a theme that revolves around their special interest. It is an important factor for many beginning on their journey to handle their neurodivergence that they can engage easily with these emotionally charged topics.

I am hoping to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs as I am very much learning as I go. There’s no rule book for becoming a princess ADHD coach - so knowing what tools, what strategies, and what themes are entirely dependent upon my research and initiative.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

On my website enchantedcoaching.the site I pro the video is a growing list of resources, podcasts, and videos that I think have been important tools for my own journey aim to continue compiling a database of users, and easy-to-access tools for parents and ADHD’ers. This business is more to me than creating a successful income stream, it’s about providing a foundation for success for the younger generation.

At the beginning of my journey, HowtoADHD run by Jessica McCabe was hugely influential. Her videos also allowed me to discover the ADHD reWired community. This network includes a series of podcasts, books, and courses created by various ADHD creators. They serve many different factions of ADHD accounting for the diversity that is found in the community.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

The princess entertainer industry and the ADHD community are largely misunderstood. As a princess entertainer, you must carry with you the values of integrity, respectfulness, and attention to detail. Many ventures that have followed a similar path have failed to appreciate the nuance of princess entertainment. Similarly, the ADHD community has been pushed back by misinformation promoted by larger media outlets. I would encourage other entrepreneurs in this field to take their time to invest in understanding the fine details of both communities. Enchanted Coaching is a business founded on offering dignity and empowerment to young people and their families.

Where can we go to learn more?

The main website does contain links to most of our social media pages, here is the link.

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