AMA With TJ Mapes, Co-Founder of RIPT Apparel ($200K/Month)

Published: April 2nd, 2020

Super excited to have TJ Mapes, co-founder of RIPT Apparel on Starter Story for an AMA (ask me anything)

Some interesting facts about TJ, and things you can ask him about:

  • They've grown their clothing brand to $200K/month with three founders and zero employees
  • They create nostalgic, pop-culture parody and mashup artwork and sell them on t-shirts hoodies and more
  • Their business model is unique in that each day at midnight, three new designs go live at a discounted price (starting at $13)
  • Their customer retention rate is over 80%
  • They opened up their own 5,000 sq ft print shop to become more effective with printing and shipping
  • They’ve experimented with tons of giveaways and different entry criteria, which has helped them attract and retain customers

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