AMA with Justin Clark, Founder of $60K/Month Male Romper Brand

AMA with Justin Clark, Founder of $60K/Month Male Romper Brand

Excited to have Justin Clark back for an AMA (ask me anything)

  • RomperJack is a men’s apparel company that specifically sells men's rompers and jumpsuits. Our rompers are made from premium materials and designed to be perfectly fitted.
  • The brand does very well in the LGBTQ community.
  • Justin jumped on a trend quickly - male rompers are a new fashion trend just a couple years old.
  • They launched their store and did $1,200 in sales in the first day.
  • Justin has Facebook ads expertise: Their Facebook ROAS is about 4.2X.
  • Monthly Visitors to their site: ~40,000
  • 2.4% Conversion Rate
  • 15K Email Subscribers
  • 20K Instagram followers
  • 24% Return Customer Rate

Join us in our community to ask Justin anything!!

Justin Clark,   Founder of RomperJack

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