The $500K/year tool that steals web traffic

The $500K/year tool that steals web traffic

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We Created A $500K/Year Tool That "Steals" Website Traffic

"The Sniply blog mostly offers thought leadership about the content marketing space, but we also include a mix of top-of-funnel SEO content with the odd company update or milestone celebration mixed in. I think why this has worked so well is that the thinking behind Sniply is a little controversial. A few media outlets have criticized Sniply on ethical concerns for being used to steal other people's traffic. These claims are inaccurate and demonstrate a lack of understanding of how Sniply works, but the buzz does get people talking."

To Combat 'Fast Furniture' I Started A $12M/Year Sustainable E-commerce

"The initial five marketing tasks we focused on were;

  1. Convert our website to be our shop window. High-quality imagery showcasing the entire product range, alongside in-depth descriptions are imperative.

  2. Increased the eCommerce offering and enhanced the online shopping experience for the consumer. Focus on optimizing for mobile-first shopping experiences.

  3. Provide fast nationwide delivery. Amazon Prime proves how effective this strategy is for converting sales online [...]"

I Run A Family Plumbing Business That Makes $40K/Month 

"Those were the days when you could go through the yellow pages and call people up. So that's what Bill did. He found a restoration contractor, then that was his first account where he got repetitive business and started making a living out of it. He just called a bunch of people out of the yellow pages until someone said yes and he could prove himself to them."

We Built A $2.1M/Year Online Team Training Tool

"We threw a free trial option up on our website, put about $5,000 a month towards paid marketing, and waited to see who would sign up for our platform. At this time, our paid keywords revolved heavily around the traditional online training market, with terms like 'best LMS platform'.

It was mayhem. We got about 200 free trial signups a month and were able to convert a decent number of customers, but we had such a range of people signing up and purchasing. In one week we would sign a dog walking business, a university, and a multinational marketing company."

From Failed "Hustle House" To Starting A $2.4M/Year Email Marketing Agency

"I rented an amazing flat in the center of Barcelona and used my social media to attract 3 other like-minded guys to live there with me. My premise was simple: "We're all going to live there together and go hard on our businesses. At the same time, we're also going to try to eat and live clean, work out, and chase the girls as much as possible. And we're going to help each other with advice, accountability, and setting an example."

How We Grew Our TikTok Presence And Plan To Hit $3M In Sales This Year

"After reaching out and partnering with ~100 influencers on Instagram and not seeing a tangible lift, as we did with our past company, we decided to pivot towards TikTok. Since that pivot, we've seen a huge uptick in engagement and website visits. We're continually exploring engaging with that platform both through paid advertisements as well as through the internal TikTok Creator Marketplace."

How I Created A $60K/Year Software For Novel Writers 

"Within my novels, I would forget what people were wearing, how old they were, and whether I'd mentioned this or that plot point already. Word wasn't cutting it. So I looked for some software to help me out.

There was already a well-established software application for writers, but I found it very confusing and fiddly. There were a few other products around, but none of them did what I wanted. So, as is my habit, I decided to create my solution."

I Created A $3M/Year Membership Business Selling Aggressive Hotel Discounts 

"Over the past 15 years, I have negotiated over 3,000,000 discounts around the globe that are not available to the general public and only available to our members. Initially, our main focus was travel discounts, but because of the way we conduct business and the amazing growth we experienced we branched off into over 30 categories of discounts for our members."

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