Examples Of Vehicle Decals: Advertise Your Business On Your Car

Updated: October 8th, 2022

Why use car stickers and magnets to advertise your business?

Car decals, stickers, and/or magnets allow business owners to advertise offline and while on the go.

Compared to various offline advertising solutions, or painted on car logos, car magnets and stickers get the job done more efficiently and can be removed whenever you do not want them visible.

Stickers and magnets on your car have a very low cost per impression rate, lower than almost any other form of offline advertising. They can be a great option for startups.


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Key Takeaways

  • Vehicle magnets and stickers put more eyes on your brand
  • A good design evokes an immediate response and/or starts a conversation
  • Take advantage of busy roads to reach a wider audience

Benefits of Using Car Magnets and Stickers To Advertise

  1. Gain trust: Car magnets and stickers give the customers a sense of security whenever your employees show up in branded vehicles.
  2. Lower cost of advertising: various offline advertising methods do cost a huge amount while the amount of exposure is limited.
  3. Vehicle magnets are simple to remove and quick to apply
  4. Gives brands a perfect way to amplify the message while leaving a meaningful impact on the market
  5. Generates a high number of impressions creating the potential for achieving the biggest return on investment
  6. Magnetic signs are durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacements for several years

Real-World Examples Of Car Magnet and Sticker Advertisements

Check out the following examples of how brands deliver effective car magnet and sticker adverts.

1. How Angie's Cleaning Uses Sticker and Car Magnet To Reach wide Audience

Angie's cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning company in North Carolina. Out of the urge to create brand awareness and attract customers, the business owners approached a car signage company for car signage and stickers.


The stickers remain a key instrument for gaining brand awareness and have helped the business to increase sales. designing simple adverts has been the key to achieving the best results through stickers and car magnets. As illustrated above, the company ensured minimal wording, hence kept the advert simple.

2. Johns Landscaping Uses Car Magnets To Gain Customer Base

Car magnets and stickers have been one of the key advertising strategies at Johns landscaping.

The company ensures service vehicles have a branded sticker, an initiative that generates customer trust whenever John's landscaping arrives at the customer's premises to deliver services.


Johns landscaping designed a catch car sticker and mentions just a few services offered by the company. That way, they have designed a simple advertisement, that delivers the message effectively.

How To Design Effective Car Sticker and Magnets That Convert

  • Include minimal details to keep the design simple
  • Use full-color graphics to ensure the target audience see and read the signs
  • Ensure you are using the right font size and a high-resolution printer
  • Measure the performance to determine which stickers meet your expectations
  • Use design software to come up with the best car sticker and magnets

Best Places To Get Custom Decal Design

Designing the best car sticker and magnets can be an overwhelming experience.

You can order a custom decal design at the following locations

  1. PrintMoz: Get your message across in a fun, colorful, & affordable ways with custom decals & vinyl stickers, created in any size you can imagine.
  2. Front signs: Provides a smart and affordable way to level up any smooth surface from walls to windows.
  3. VistaPrint: Turn your cars, vans, and more into branding opportunities with their durable custom decal stickers.
  4. Stickermule: Custom decals that are easy to apply on your car.
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