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Tom Boyd is an American entrepreneur. Tom started Ancient Lore Village in 2019.[1]

Tom Boyd, founder of Ancient Lore VillageTom Boyd, founder of Ancient Lore Village


Ancient Lore Village


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Ancient Lore Village

Tom started Ancient Lore Village in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Ancient Lore Village?

I was in the process of writing a book about the rise and fall of democracy in the United States. At that time, my son entered the gubernatorial race in Tennessee and I spent 18 months on the campaign trail in small towns and cities all over the state. In talking to all types of people, I found so much intolerance and hatred and lack of understanding for other people. I knew that I needed to change the direction of the book.

I decided to write a book about a person who took a journey and discovered all different types of people and saw that they could all live together in a place of peace, joy, and happiness where only good existed. That place is Ancient Lore Village. To test the theory of my book, I felt that building a Village in its image would be the best way to test this theory.

Having built 17 successful businesses, I had learned from experience that first, you must build a team. First, I found a very creative architect that shared the same vision. Then I set out to find a team of experts in the hospitality industry, with experience in service, lodging, and culinary. I found Melissa Blettner, former Senior Vice President for Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.

Melissa’s background in building Great Wolf from one location and 100 employees to a company with 15 locations and 8,000 employees made her experience a right fit. After talking with her, I realized that she bought into our company because our visions aligned. Next, I added Simon Hall Private Chef to our team. Simon’s experience as former Private Chef for Sir Richard Branson, contributing writer in the Whole 30 Cookbook and owner of a top Knoxville catering company made him the perfect addition to head up our culinary team.

Instrumental to all companies that wish to grow on a Worldwide basis, the next step was to acquire an experienced and distinguished board of directors. Our board includes Mike Ragsdale, former Mayor for Knoxville, TN; Chris Chandler, CFO of a billion-dollar corporation; Russ Watkins, owner of a project management company specializing in developments for World-class companies; Meg Retinger, with me for 40 years serving in all of my previous companies in capacities of CEO, CFO, and President; Daniel Levy, world-class creative architect.

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