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Scott R. Melamed is an American entrepreneur. Scott started ProMD Health in 2018 and is based in Mid-Atlantic.[1]

Scott R. Melamed, founder of ProMD HealthScott R. Melamed, founder of ProMD Health


ProMD Health


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ProMD Health

Scott started ProMD Health in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on ProMD Health?

The concept for ProMD Health was initially created by my partner Dr. George Gavrila. Believe it or not, he began by treating toenail fungus using a single laser in a 1 room medical office. He was our first receptionist, medical assistant, and physician. He saved every penny he could from that to get trained in Botox and thus ProMD Health was born. We are now one of if not the largest purchasers of Botox and Dermal fillers in the Mid-Atlantic and one of the top practice groups in the country.

From day one he had the dream of building a company that brought the flourishing industry of Aesthetic Dermatology to more than just the elite while also finding a way to bring the power back to the physician so that they could own their own practice and share in his dream in light of heavy pressure to join ever growing HMOs or multi-physician owned large practice groups.

But he couldn’t do it alone, he recognized the need for a partner.

At the time I was working in management consulting for a Big 5 firm while concurrently launching a different aesthetic dermatology group with a team of friends. I completed my undergraduate and graduate training at Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions respectively. Before that, I was a firefighter/EMT in New York. I bring this up because it is important to note that as an entrepreneur it is critical to remember your background and everything you learned along the way as you never know how those experiences may prove useful to you later.

Fate brought us together and made ProMD Health a reality at a conference by happenstance. Dr. Gavrila was attending to learn about new innovations in the field and I was there with my (then) Aesthetic Dermatology startup team recruiting physicians. I had strategically placed our vendor booth next to the massage chair booth and Dr. Gavrila happened to sit down for a massage. We got to talking, I sold him on joining my venture and we became fast friends.

He shared his dream and vision with me and I shared mine with him. At the time I was having concerns about my current partnership and the direction the start-up was heading in. To make a long story short, I made a moral and ethical decision to leave my start-up. Dr. Gavrila and I joined forces, and the rest is history. Side Note: Managing partnerships can be one of the most difficult pieces of starting any successful enterprise and it is important not to lose yourself or lose sight of your vision in the process. If you are having partnership issues or concerns and need some advice feel free to reach out to me.

Anyways, then the real work began.

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