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Oliver Anwar is a British entrepreneur. Oliver started Ro Anwar Fitness in 2017 and is based in London.[1]

Oliver Anwar, founder of Ro Anwar FitnessOliver Anwar, founder of Ro Anwar Fitness


Ro Anwar Fitness


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Early Career

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Ro Anwar Fitness

Oliver started Ro Anwar Fitness in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Ro Anwar Fitness?

Growing up as a kid I was always active and fit and had a huge passion for football (soccer). I played a high level of football for most of my child/teen years – playing for both Bristol City Academy and Bristol Rovers Centre of Excellence growing up (this is the highest level of youth football in the UK). When I got to 16/17, I, unfortunately, didn’t make it as a professional footballer so began starting to train in the gym and I realized early on this was something I was going to invest my life into.

I was sat on a friend's sofa one summer and he was looking on his laptop at domains. He told me that the website www.roanwarfitness.com was available for £0.01. Having experience training myself and friends and family I saw an opportunity to begin a blog to share my fitness story. Over summer as I built this website purely by myself, I realized I could create a business from selling online training and nutrition plans and therefore coaching people online.

The early stages of my website

When I first got into fitness, I made so many mistakes when it came to my training and nutrition when working out in the gym. I wasn’t training optimally, I was injuring myself and this massively demotivated me. I was naively following sample training plans and guides from professional fitness competitors/models who were unfortunately chemically enhanced (taking steroids and other performance enhancing drugs) and therefore their approach to fitness was going to be completely different from mine as a young natural lifter.

I, therefore, began to start delving into evidence-based research and the science behind nutrition and training. As I did this, my body started to transform rapidly and the progress I made in the first three years was hugely outweighed by just one year of me training in a more optimal way and following the correct protocols for me.

As my physique started developing, lots of my friends and relatives began asking me how I got into shape and then started asking if I could put plans and programs together for them. I realized at this point there was scope for me to build a business; there was a demand from people, I understood how to implement training and nutrition correctly through my own experience and building up of knowledge and I had a few friends who I knew could help me set up a website and give me resources/guidance to get the business off the ground.

For the first year, I trained my close friends and relatives for free and gave them personalised coaching to obtain feedback, transformations and testimonials.

This helped me validate the products and give myself and my business credibility.

I set my business up when I was at university and a student, so I didn’t have much capital at all. I was working part-time and studying but luckily my business did not need much startup capital. Just enough for a website.


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