Brigitte Shamy

Brigitte Shamy

Brigitte Shamy is an American entrepreneur. Brigitte started in 2009. (source)

Brigitte Shamy,  of SexyModestBrigitte Shamy, of SexyModest




Early Career

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Brigitte started in 2009. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: (source)

Q: How did you get started on

Brig went to school for fashion design and had no previous experience in sewing or ecom. She did work in retail for a few years as a teenager which taught her the importance of 5-star customer service.

We know there are a million clothing options for women out there, but we are sure none of them will love you as we will. We want you to be stunning, be modest, be comfy, be YOU!

My wife has always been very stylish. She LOVES fashion. In 2003 she moved to Utah and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints she found herself facing a standard of modesty she hadn’t known previously… as she went shopping she could find clothing that modest, but not cute or cute but certainly not modest. Frustrated, she went to work designing clothing she thought would be both modest and cute and maybe most importantly comfortable. (She is a self-proclaimed fabric snob)

After attending church or just going out she would always get comments like, “You always look so put together, I wish you could dress me.”

Well, weeks later my wife decided she would do just that. Once a week on Friday’s you could come to our home where Brigitte would have clothing for purchase and she would help style you for your body type. We gathered email addresses so we could market the new styles that would drop next week and tell your friends… a few months later, one Friday we had over 100 women show up to our house on Friday, they changed clothes in our bathrooms and bedrooms and even our garage.

We were sure the police or our neighbors were going to shoot us. We said we can’t do it like this anymore. We closed our home and promised our blossoming tribe of faithful followers that if we didn’t have to raise our prices we would open a store where we could accommodate more women.

We went to work and two Fridays later we found a retail space, spent every penny we had, and didn’t have (credit cards) to purchase inventory, put money down on the lease, and SexyModest Clothing was born. The night before we were to open I wrote an email. It was titled...


8 am the next morning we kicked the doors open and that day until the day we closed that location (3 years later) we did more revenue than any other single day we were open.

The bootstrapping had begun.

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