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Benjamin Hebert

Benjamin Hebert

Benjamin Hebert is an American entrepreneur. Benjamin started Natural Stacks in 2013 and is based in Seattle, WA. (source)

Benjamin Hebert,  of Natural StacksBenjamin Hebert, of Natural Stacks


Natural Stacks


Seattle, WA


Early Career

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Natural Stacks

Benjamin started Natural Stacks in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: (source)

Q: How did you get started on Natural Stacks?

I got my first experience in e-commerce at an e-commerce startup called Gift Card Rescue - a type of secondary marketplace for unused gift cards. I started as an intern while at the University of Maryland and eventually went full-time as the first employee. I was working full-time and going to school full-time.

It was an awesome experience of really “being in the trenches”. Kwame, the founder of Gift Card Rescue, got on the first season of Shark Tank which led to explosive growth for the company.

What I took from that experience was how to build a bootstrapped or self-funded business. It’s a lot easier to learn these lessons the first time when the mistakes aren’t your own dollars! Since then, I’ve founded and sold three other companies.

I don’t have a background in nutrition or the supplement industry. A little bit of backstory on me:

My first experience in the supplement and fitness industry came after reading a Men’s Fitness magazine sometime after my first weight training class in high school.

I remember seeing a bodybuilder next to this product called “No Xplode” and thought "holy crap"; I want to look like that, and I definitely need that product to do it! I was immediately sold.

I bought the product and took it before weight training one day, but the only thing that happened was I felt crazy and itchy as hell. It took me until 12th grade to bench press 135lbs, so I don’t think it worked.

But this still didn’t stop me from trying out tons of other supplements. I did all of this experimentation without being educated in these products - I was just trusting the labels and blindly believing in the marketing. Eventually, I grew up (debatable) and started researching into what I was putting into my body.

And holy crap! The supplement industry is crazy. Most labels have a “proprietary formula” on there so that the manufacturer can hide what is actually in the product (a ton of major brands have actually gotten in trouble for this).

The idea for Natural Stacks started like any other successful business. We identified a problem in the market and worked our butts off to try and solve it.

For us, we wanted to solve the problem that was the lack of transparency and trust in the industry. Instead of going after the entrenched competitors in the bodybuilding and fitness space, we niched down and chose the natural mental health category.

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