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Ariella Steinhorn is an American entrepreneur. Ariella started Lioness in 2020.[1]

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Ariella started Lioness in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Lioness?

I worked for years in tech communications and public affairs. But what interested me most about public relations and storytelling was not merely the act of blasting out a formulaic press release or being a yes-woman to a CEO hell-bent on disseminating propaganda. I was more interested in leveraging media platforms to connect ideas, products, and services to different subsets of people - all while maintaining integrity and grounding the story in truth, not just hype. I suppose no one goes into public relations only wanting to peddle propaganda. But in launching Lioness, I wanted to think deeply about the weight and magnitude of the information that makes up a story. How does a company want to be perceived, and how can we balance that with the truth and what journalists are actually interested in talking about?

My interest in more authentic and broad-reaching storytelling was compounded by an experience co-founding a workplace rights organization. The organization connected employees in challenging work situations (i.e. harassment, discrimination, bullying) to employment lawyers and therapists. I witnessed hundreds of workers and employees sign non-disclosure agreements that hindered them from telling their stories. Had their stories seen the light of day, I am convinced they would have changed mindsets and workplaces.

I wondered, if an individual with no media experience or connections has a compelling story that strikes a chord with broader society or culture, how can they bring that important narrative forward? Corporations have the muscle of corporate public relations armies, helping set an agenda for what the media could focus on via a Rolodex of contacts - I wanted to bring that power to individuals as well.

So the idea for Lioness was born: a storytelling company that takes a journalistic approach to public relations, marrying interesting behind-the-scenes stories with what is in the media zeitgeist, and working with both enterprises and individuals to provide untold ideas more airtime and space in the public discourse.

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