How To Market Your Business Through A Business Seminar

Updated: March 3rd, 2024


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Typically, business owners get paid to speak at seminars and it can be a very lucrative income stream. Here is what this opportunity can look like:- Newbie speakers: $500–$2,500- Beginning speakers: $5,000–$10,000- Advanced Speakers: $10,000–$20,000

What Is A Seminar?

A seminar is a business-sponsored event that focuses on circulating knowledge, new techniques, or even educating your customers on how to get more value from your products.

For businesses, organizing a seminar is a great way to raise brand awareness, market new products or services, and even bring revenue to your business.

In addition, a well-organized seminar can help you position your brand as a subject matter expert.

Business Seminar Key Takeaways

  • A Seminar can be a virtual, physical meeting or a combination
  • The business seminar host should be organized and have a detailed checklist to remain focused on the task.
  • When picking the speaker, ensure he is famous for his delivery and expertise.
  • Part of organizing a business seminar involves brainstorming potential problems that could affect the event and having adequate backup plans

Understanding How Seminars Work

Business seminars provide entrepreneurs and small business owners a chance to talk to their customers about new products, business success stories, and share strategies to propel the company forward.

In some cases, seminars feature several keynote speakers. The speakers can be experts in their own fields or topics. Attendees have the liberty to choose which topics they find interests.

A business that has a reputation for organizing an exciting seminar will find attendance at the subsequent events growing.

Therefore, the event organizers should focus on providing a wealth of knowledge, and not just marketing the company's products or services.

Real-World Examples of Startups That Leverage Business Seminars to Grow Brand Awareness


ActionCoach, is a business that focuses on helping entrepreneurs through providing business coaching.


The business organizes seminars where they invite business coaches to talk to entrepreneurs about different approaches to achieve business success. The seminars cover important topics like how to increase business profits, and how to get more done in less time.


Through such seminars, Actioncoach aims at growing its following, and even generating more conversions from the seminar attendees.

2.Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is an online enterprise that focuses on producing the latest Search Engine News and educating online marketers on the best Search Engine Optimization tricks.


The enterprise brings together top industry experts to speak about relevant issues within the relevant industry.


By organizing online seminars on a regular basis, SEJ has established itself as an expert in SEO.

How To Get Started With Seminars

  • Define the seminar's goals
  • Know your target attendees
  • Come up with a budget forecast
  • Choose the topics wisely and identify potential keynote speakers
  • Set the right date
  • Find a suitable venue
  • Provide a friendly registration solution
  • Communicate to the target audience and invited keynote speakers

Planning a successful seminar takes creativity, resilience, and organization skills. Besides, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, these tools can help you to organize a successful seminar.

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Case Study

Sinem founded Personal Growth Base ($10K/mo) - she's an entrepreneur, coach, and writer.

When selling B2B seminars, she first found out what the customer needed and then made an offer without even knowing how to properly execute. They know they would find it out.

Some of their biggest projects were initiated that way. For example, seminars on teambuilding and productivity for apprentices of some major companies.

By now, they are also certified coaches but still the majority of their knowledge and skills are acquired by reading, joining seminars, doing mastermind groups and most importantly by trial and error.

They always over-delivered and cared for their customers and seminar participants which eventually led to strong relationships.

As a founder, it’s important to also build your own reputation and share your expertise with the world. That’s also how we get most of our local workshop participants but also inquiries for seminars, speaking gigs, and interviews.


Sinem Günel, on starting Personal Growth Base ($10,000/month) full story ➜
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