Partner With Reality TV Stars To Promote Your Brand: A Guide

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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Reality TV Star

We call someone a reality TV star who that person has achieved public recognition, fame, and support primarily through an appearance on a reality show.

Social media users not only find it easy to relate to reality TV stars but also might share a very strong connection or admiration for them.

Reality TV stars can become famous overnight - and although their fame and spotlight may be short-lived, their follower count can skyrocket in a short span of time.

Partnering with a reality TV personality to endorse your brand can increase overall brand recognition and sales overnight. in this post, we share insights on how you can grow your brand by partnering with a reality TV personality.

Partnering With Reality TV Star: Key Takeaways

  • Reality TV stars use their fame and status to get a product or service in front of a large audience
  • It is hard to measure the effectiveness of TV reality stars in marketing without advanced tracking or attribution
  • Reality TV stars attract a huge following on social media
  • To ensure effectiveness, engage reality TV stars who connect with your target audience easily

Understanding How Brands Partner With Reality TV Stars To Advertise

Do you know that half of your consumers depend on influencer recommendations?

Reality TV stars have a huge influence when it comes to marketing products or brands in general.

Whether it is endorsing a skincare product, a luxurious vehicle, or a designer product, reality TV stars play a huge role when it comes to increasing sales, and building brand awareness.

Reality TV stars can assist brands in different ways. Examples include:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • increasing brands social media following
  • Improving buying decisions through unbiased opinions

Therefore, reality TV stars tap into their influence to spur responses often in the form of purchase action, supporting your brand or even following you on social media.

Real-World Examples Of How Startups Partner With Reality TV Stars To Promote Their Brands

Here are cool examples of how businesses collaborate with reality TV show stars to promote their brands online.

1. Moon Oral Care partners with Kendall Jenner To Promote Products

Shaun Neff, Founder, and CEO of Moon Oral Care, partnered with Kendall Jenner, an American reality TV show who appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


The collaboration saw Moon Oral Care use Kendall’s signature on their Teeth whitening product.

Besides, Kendall has been promoting the product on her social media, reaching millions of followers from across the globe.


Although this collaboration may be focused on a certain product, it is certainly clear that Moon Oral Care products will gain a boost in sales based on the collaboration.

2. Salesforce Collaboration With JK Corden To co-host a Show Online

Salesforce, the American cloud-based software company, partnered with JK Corden (A TV show host), to co-host the new sales force Success anywhere world Tour.

Through the collaboration, Salesforce managed to reach a new audience thanks to Corden's diverse following on Twitter and YouTube.

The show brought together top experts at Salesforce, who delivered a powerful brand statement.


How To Partner With Reality TV Show Stars To Promote Your Brand

  1. Define the business objectives
  2. Find the right Reality TV show Star
  3. Build a relationship with the individual
  4. Decide and agree on the partnership structure
  5. Present an engaging and practical pitch explaining their work
  6. Offer a suitable list of compensation options
  7. Foster a mutually beneficial collaboration
  8. Measure campaigns progress
  9. Learn and focus on improving the engagement
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