How To Create Re-Engagement Emails To Win Back Inactive Customers

How To Create Re-Engagement Emails To Win Back Inactive Customers


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What Is A Re-Engagement Email?

A re-engage email is a marketing campaign email sent with an aim to bring back inactive customers.

Oftentimes, customers become inactive, and you need to re-establish your relationship with them. A re-engagement email is a way to remind inactive subscribers of the value you add to their lives and vice versa.

In this post, we cover important aspects regarding a re-engagement email. Keep reading to discover how you can win back your inactive subscribers.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing efforts should include a customer re-engagement strategy
  • A study found that 26% of clients return with a win-back campaign and with double the lifetime value
  • Even if customers have become inactive, you have a 60-70% chance of success to sell to them again

Understanding How A Re-engage Email Works

A re-engagement email is a win-back program that offers a reward to lapsed customers if they take a specific action such as reactivating a subscription or completing a new purchase.

Unfortunately, businesses are typically so focused on finding new customers and that they tend to forget about their inactive customers. However, there is always an opportunity right in front of you to bring a customer back or collect constructive feedback.

A re-engagement email is a perfect way to turn an inactive subscriber into a returning customer.

Re-engagement campaigns target old customers who:

  • Have not made a purchase in a certain period of time
  • Expressed interest but never bought
  • Have explicitly canceled their subscription

Therefore, re-engagement emails enhance the digital marketing strategy and can be an effective abandoned shopping cart recovery strategy.

Real World Examples: Send Re-Engagement Emails With An Incentive

Here are examples of effective customer re-engagement emails you will want to emulate.

1. A Look At Birchbox Inactive Subscriber Re-engagement Strategy

Birchbox, the makeup subscription box has an effective way of re-engaging their email subscribers.

They provide their customers with an enticing offer that's hard to say no to:


A few things they do really well here:

  • Offer a couple of different options so there's something for everyone.
  • Simple design with a pop of color to grab the readers attention
  • Clever CTA's that make the reader want to explore more about the offer on the site.

2. H&M sends a 15% Off Email To Say “We Miss You”

H&M, The online retailer is another example of companies that send re-engagement emails with an incentive. In this example, the clothing company uses a 15% off incentive to the subscriber's next purchase.


What I love about the email is that they added convenience buttons with links to their website. Besides, they include a short and precise message to let the subscriber that an offer is waiting in their account.

It is such re-engagement emails that win back the customers. Start sending yours today.

How To Send Re-engagement Emails That Convert

As a matter of fact, not every subscriber will open your re-engagement email. Fortunately, there is something you can do to make sure you are sending re-engagement emails that convert. Here are important tips to guide you when creating a re-engagement email.

  • Identify and segment the inactive subscribers
  • Learn how to write great email subject lines that convince and convert
  • Give people an Incentive/a reason to re-engage
  • Provide tailor-made offers
  • Offer vouchers on next purchase
  • Include social media handles in your email to give people an alternative way to engage
  • Keep it simple, short, but clear
  • Show them that you value their staying with you
  • Get emotional by showing how much the company missed them
  • Offer a way for them to get back to you
  • Include a clear Call To Action
  • Provide them an opt-out option / unsubscribe link
  • Conduct Email A/B testing to find out which version converts easily

Are you ready to start sending re-engagement emails today? The above tips will guide you through the re-engagement strategy.


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