5 Best Online Courses To Take For Project Management [2021]

5 Best Online Courses To Take For Project Management [2021]

Learning never has an end. Did you know that now you can get a degree in courses like project management online? Times change, and so do the requirements and demands in the industry.

Project managers need to keep up with the prevalent practices in the market. Whether it’s project management books, learning apps, or online project management courses , you can easily maximize your output with the necessary knowledge.

Previously, learning was limited to classrooms and professors. But with technological advancements, virtual learning platforms are getting more and more popular.

Previously, learning was limited to classrooms and professors. But with technological advancements, virtual learning platforms are getting more and more popular.

In this review, we talk about the following points of the courses.

  • Features available for each course
  • Benefits upon enrollments
  • Course prices
  • Duration of the course
  • And more

Let’s get into it in detail!

What is Project Management?

Project management is the course of processes, methods, experience, knowledge, and skill that help achieve different objectives of a project. It depends on the project acceptance criteria based on the agreed parameters.

The factors that differ project management from ‘management’ are final deliverable and finite timespan. The final deliverables related to a project are bounded within a finite timescale and defined budget. On the contrary, management is a systematic process.

That is why the project managers need to have a wide range of technical skills, management skills, and good business awareness. Therefore, project management courses online are the easiest way to gather value and knowledge on the subject.

Types Of Project Management Courses You Can Take

Not only one but plenty of project management courses online free of cost are available today. If you do your research well, you’ll see that these are certified courses with in-depth knowledge on the same. Here are the five best online project management courses to help you get started.

1. PMP Certification Training Courses & Classes Online (Udemy)


Udemy offers a Project Management Professional (PMP) course for you to get recognized certification. Accepted by the industry and internationally recognized, the PMP course by Udemy helps project managers lead their teams and direct projects and teams comprehensively.

The PMP training courses provide you with extensive knowledge to clear your PMP exam required to qualify for the certification. It covers the project management processes and knowledge areas. Additionally, it also includes a PMBOK guide to equip you with important concepts.

These PMP courses are available to you in a flexible timeline to help you get your lessons according to your convenience. The courses are lined up with video lectures, quizzes, exercises, and practice tests.

Key Highlights

  • Provides all the necessary resources to pass the PMI PMP certification exam
  • Allows you to pass the PMP exam at one attempt
  • Provides you quality training to excel in the role of a project manager
  • You get lifetime access to course material and related updates
  • 30-days money-back guarantee and risk-free learning with Udemy

Duration: Self-Paced

Price: Differs according to specialization

You can visit their official website or visit here to learn more details about the different project management online courses.

2. Simplilearn


Simplilearn allows you to prepare yourself for the PMP certification test with all the required resources. It covers the ongoing trends, practices, and core skills needed by a Project Management Professional today.

It also consists of the strategic and business knowledge to help you smoothly perform your project manager role. The duration of the course is typically 35 hours that you can complete according to your convenience.

During the course, you are also required to cover case studies with experiential learning methods. Once you enroll in the course, they provide you with PMI materials and four simulation test papers. Each of these papers consists of 180 questions.

It covers discussions on Gantt charts, mathematical project scheduling models, project cost estimating, resource allocations, leadership, structural breakdown, cost management, etc. Additionally, the course is $999, with flexible access to the course for 90 days.

Key Highlights

  • Offer you the material to successfully manage all types of projects
  • Live classes by top practitioners and instructors
  • 24/7 learning support from mentors and peers
  • Real-world data sets to solve capstone projects
  • Case studies for experiential learning
  • Access to digital materials

Duration: 35 hours

Price: $999

You can visit their official website for more details or visit here to sign up.

3. BrainSensei


If you are on the lookout for project management courses online , BrainSensei has the ultimate Project Management certification course for you. Besides all that you came across in the previous two courses, BrainSensei covers additional areas of interest with story-based eLearning processes to give you a fun learning experience.

It covers both traditional and agile project management practices. The duration of the course is typically 35 hours that you can complete at your convenience. Additionally, it covers nine interactive modules along with multiple self-assessments following every module.

Moreover, you are to appear for four practice exams covering 800 practice questions before appearing for the certification exam. The course is worth $499.99 with access to one year of course materials and updates. Nevertheless, you can also apply for a free trial before starting up with the official course.

Key Highlights

  • Story-based learning approach for interesting PMP engagement learning practices
  • Summarized knowledge of every topic covered in the project management areas
  • Provides access to 13 exciting storyline challenges
  • Multiple self and knowledge assessments are involved during the course
  • Four practice tests before appearing for the final PMP exam
  • You get to earn 35 contact hours on completing the course with the PMP exam
  • Access to updated course materials with 100% pass-guarantee and refund-guarantee

Duration: 6 months

Price: $499.99

You can visit the official website of the course or click here to sign up for the course!

4. Free Project Management Courses, Classes, Training Online (edX)


edX offers you a free project management course online and training classes required to develop core skills for the role of a project manager. Whether you want to expand your knowledge in this area to lead your team better or start afresh with the role, this course proves to be utterly useful.

You would find a suitable course according to your requirements in the edX domain. Additionally, you get access to these courses on demand. Therefore, you can complete these courses according to your pace and convenience without hampering your work hours.

These project management courses by edX are certified courses powered by major institutions and universities worldwide. The project management courses online free of cost can help you get your certification only for a small fee.

Key Highlights

  • Covers project management fundamentals and software tools
  • Teaches you the basics of cost, schedule, scope, plan, and managing a project from start to end
  • Enables you with the knowledge to adapt to the best project management practices
  • Access to courses powered by renowned universities and institutions worldwide
  • Flexible timing to learn at your convenience anytime and anywhere

Duration: Self-Paced

Price: $199.29

You can look for more details on their official website or visit here to register for the course!

5. Coursera


Coursera allows you to take up project management courses online from the comfort of your home. The fact that they’re online courses makes them remote. These project management courses are interactive and engaging courses inclusive of lectures and hands-on experience of handling projects.

These certified courses help you up your game at the role of a project manager or even if you want to start afresh with the role. Additionally, it helps you master your skills in the area. Their project-based curriculum enables you to administer the flow of projects during times like initiation, planning, execution, and closing.

They offer all the tools and material you may require during project management courses while you are at your job. All in all, they offer four courses to complete in three units each. The course is $777 that takes you six months to complete according to your convenience.

Key Highlights

  • Specialized courses and programs
  • Innovative courses with world-class instructors and practitioners from top universities
  • Opportunity to connect globally with classmates, alumni, and instructors
  • A hands-on learning experience with practice exercises and peer-reviewed projects
  • Offers online and flexible format of learning as per your availability
  • No deadline involved

Duration: Six months

Price: $777

You can visit their website and check the details according to your requirements. For more details, visit here.

How is a Project Management Course Beneficial for You?

Project management courses enable you with various tools and materials to help you in your role as a project manager. While some may skip these lessons, others realize the value of these courses due to the manifold benefits they impart. Here are a few benefits that would help you gain a better insight.

Setting Goals and Objectives

With the project management courses, you are well-equipped with stronger planning abilities. You can easily set goals and realistic objectives and schedule your work plan to achieve the same. These courses teach you to attain your goals and objectives according to your plans by strengthening your leadership skills.

Effective Time Management

Project managers go through much pressure and responsibility. That can be smoothened by strengthening the soft skills in project management. You can expose yourself to the competencies and priorities of completing the objectives of each project stage. It maintains high standards and best practices on the grounds of higher customer satisfaction.

Improve the Quality of Work

Knowing how to manage a project well will allow you to complete its process with a less stressful experience. Additionally, you get to improve the quality of your work by polishing your skills and approaches. It enables you to perform well at gaining a higher satisfaction level of customers.


Project management is an important subject that helps you get started with your role as a project manager or up your skills at your current job. The best online project management courses help you get your certification and knowledge as per your schedule.

Additionally, you are taught the various aspects of project management and the secrets to achieving your goals and objectives in the least stressful way possible.

Pat Walls,  Founder of Starter Story

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