Everything You Need To Know To Create A Great Product Page

Updated: October 8th, 2022


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If you have an existing online store, adding product pages should not cost any extra money.

What Is A Product Page?

A product page is a page on an E-commerce website that describes the product to customers.

Therefore, customers go to the product page to find information about a product they want to buy.

Adding a product page can only offer gains to your online store. However, you have to be careful while launching the product page.

Consider the product page to be a customer magnet, and more importantly, the page where customers spend most of the time.

So, how do you make the most out of a product page? To find out more, Keep reading.

Product Page Key Takeaways

  • An effective product page shows the potential customers what the product looks like and conveys the value of the featured product.
  • Marketers can choose different variations when building product pages. The overall objective is to tell the audience what the product feels like.
  • When writing product descriptions, focus on making the customers believe they need to own that product. Remember that online shoppers need as much information as they can get before making a purchase.
  • If you create a compelling product page, you will most likely get more customers.
  • Remember that an inadequate product description is a sales-killer.

Understanding How Product Pages Work

A product page is a customer magnet. The customers will navigate to the product pages to read the product descriptions. Thus, the appearance of your product page may lead the customer to reach purchase decisions.

Suppose there is an aspect of the product page that is not appealing. That turns out to be an instant loss of sale.

It is undoubtedly that product page is most likely the last opportunity to market your product to a potential customer. In most cases, even if the product is subpar, a decent product page may sell the product.

A successful product page will turn website visitors into customers. The contents of your product page will help generate more sales. Besides, the product page promotes your brand. A unique product page, combined with quality products, gives you the upper hand over your competitors.

Here are the qualities of a successful product page:

Real-World Examples Of Successful Online Stores That Feature Quality Product Pages

1. Nomad

Nomad is a consumer electronics and lifestyle products company based in California. Here is an example of a decent product page from Nomad.

The product page includes transparent product pricing, indicates the current offer, and a complete product description that lists all the necessary features of the product.


Nomads also include frequently asked questions to the product page. The FAQs section acts as the knowledge base where the customers can find answers to worrying questions relating to the specific product.

Another essential feature you notice here is the reviews section. Nomads understand that reviews can accelerate potential buyers into purchasing. Hence, they included reviews from past buyers. Reviews promote the featured product and promote nomads as a brand by building on customer trust and credibility.


There is no doubt about the fact that quality product pages help Nomad in generating more sales. Nomad demonstrates that a quality product page is a window to your e-Commerce store's brand value.

2.Dope Dog

Dope dog is an American CBD dog products company founded in 2017 and based in Los Angeles.

The company has invested time and resources to create great product pages appealing to website visitors' eyes and showcase a complete description of the product on sale. Here is a good example of an impressive product page.

They present a balanced product page making it easier for the visitors to find the relevant information. The unique and content-rich product page makes the product impressive to potential customers.


The product page also features the "Related Products" section, which promotes the alternative products by the brand. The feature is a great lead generation tactic, which ultimately helps the company increase sales.


How To Create A Successful Product Page

  • Write scannable, concise, and objective product descriptions
  • Import high-quality images to your product page and remove irrelevant logos
  • Create a sense of urgency to help drive sales
  • Ensure an intuitive product page layout to avoid confusing customers
  • Include shipping information
  • Add genuine customer reviews
  • Feature recommended / related products
  • Add a Clear Call-To-Action

Creating product pages is not a difficult task. Tools like Orberlo help you to import product images to your store.

Alternatively, you could use Pagefly or Hypervisual Page Builder.

To create a sense of urgency, use a countdown timer like Hurrify


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